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Gordon Egglestone is now responsible for deputation/report meetings in the South of the County and elsewhere and is happy to arrange a visit to report on the activities of Cumbria Gospel Outreach.

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  • Appleby Show - August 2018 This year’s Show was held in a new location which proved to be a great place and the day crowned with beautiful sunshine encouraging people to attend.We met ...
    Posted 15 Sep 2018, 08:43 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Show - August 2018 After quite a wet start to the morning, it stopped raining about lunch time but remained overcast. We had a good position opposite the main ring where most of the ...
    Posted 7 Sep 2018, 02:43 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - Easter 2018 When we arrived at Keswick, the weather was cold and a little wet; after all it was Easter Saturday!  The day proved to be very busy.  People had arrived for ...
    Posted 5 Sep 2018, 04:59 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - 20 January 2018 A new year had dawned and by the twentieth it was our first turn on the market.  Is this to be the year the Lord will return?   We look to ...
    Posted 27 Aug 2018, 06:40 by Stephen Hind
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Appleby Show - August 2018

posted 15 Sep 2018, 08:43 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 15 Sep 2018, 08:43 ]

This year’s Show was held in a new location which proved to be a great place and the day crowned with beautiful sunshine encouraging people to attend.

We met many local folks including farmers – the leaflet “Faith in Farming” was well received as was the title “A Man’s Best Friend” with dog owners.   Many children came to the Guessing Box and were happy to accept  a sweet and the “Josh and Jade” booklet whilst Parents were offered “Family Matters.”  What a joy to see whole families leaving with the message of salvation.

Two young ladies from Darlington who often visited Cumbria, stopped by with their baby in a pushchair, both had occasionally attended church but didn’t know anything about being born again and listened intently as we explained the Gospel, they accepted a number of leaflets.  What a joy to share with folks who show a real interest, pray that the Word will be fruitful.

Two stall holders nearby spoke to Ron and John, “E” said she was an atheist while her friend was more accepting of the Christian message.  We gave them a hand to pack away their equipment after which they accepted a number of leaflets including “Christ rather than Religion”,  “Reason to Believe” and “Start Again” from Our Daily Bread.

We left as we arrived with the sun still shining.  Our prayer is that the light of the Gospel for the first time will shine into many hearts.

John Heron and Ron Marston.

Keswick Show - August 2018

posted 7 Sep 2018, 02:43 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 7 Sep 2018, 02:43 ]

After quite a wet start to the morning, it stopped raining about lunch time but remained overcast. We had a good position opposite the main ring where most of the shows were exhibiting.  Jane from Whitehaven ably assisted David and myself. 

During the morning it was fairly quiet, although the guessing box was well attended. Lots of parents listened as we talked the children through the items they had picked up. Some came from faith schools, whereas others had no concept of the bible stories. A family from Sheffield visited the van, and I knew their area well, his father was recuperating in Cumbria being an ex-fireman, he accepted a copy of Daily bread as we discussed how precious he was to the Saviour who died for him. His children also took some literature. A couple from Pennsylvania who were touring Britain and who loved the Lord  were delighted to see the witness here . A young man and his girl friend, looked at the texts. He was a local man, who had been touring New Zealand during the earth quake, so we talked about the brevity of life. He took a booklet on the Way of Salvation, and he and his girlfriend listened well. We had a visitor from Manchester and his 2 girls who were at the guessing box. He had attended church many years ago so I suggested he try again and he took Daily bread to read. He was encouraged to find an evangelical church and he promised to go back to church with the children. 

Many events in the ring drew people to us as we were in a prime position.  All in all we had a lovely day together, and can only pray that Lord will use what was done to his Glory and the salvation of souls.    

Keith Daymond, David Johnston and Jane Wong

Keswick Market - Easter 2018

posted 5 Sep 2018, 04:58 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Sep 2018, 04:59 ]

When we arrived at Keswick, the weather was cold and a little wet; after all it was Easter Saturday!  The day proved to be very busy.  People had arrived for the week, some for the weekend, others on day trips and of course others like ourselves who were locals. Indeed we met people who had come from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nmibia in Africa, USA, France, from the South of England and Scotland. Throughout the day we had a lot of conversations with quite a number of these from people who needed help in seeking God.

Here is a snapshot of those we believe we helped:-

  • A large group of professional ladies who were now resident in the UK from Australia with whom we shared the gospel. 
  • A young man from Coventry who took a Bible and some literature to help reading his Bible. Please pray for him. 
  • A lady whom Tom talked to for a long time who was RC but was searching to find the real God in her life who could give her hope and peace.
  • Another man who told us he had once suffered from cancer and was told he was clear, but recently the cancer had returned and was now in his bones. He was now undergoing chemotherapy. Naturally he seemed sad, especially as it was his 80th birthday that weekend. He told me he had his trust in the Lord so it was a privilege to talk to him and remind him of some of the promises Jesus gives in scripture and to encourage him to keep placing his trust in the Lord.
  • Two other ladies were seeking to find purpose in their lives. we told them to put their trust in God as he has a purpose for each one of us. Easter is all about Christ's death and resurrection to provide salvation to all who will put their trust in him.
  • Another young single Christian lady from Yorkshire, who lived alone, had lost her job some time ago and was finding it very tough.  She needs our prayers.

Tom was busy with lots of children playing on the guessing box. What a blessing this has been to us for enabling us to talk to both the children and their parents of God and the Bible ans His way of Salvation. 

We had a lot of Easter tracts which we had ordered just that week, and we distributed them all on the street to those going past, so once again the seed was sown.

Many people were talked to that day, others would be challenged as they walked past reading the texts on the stall.

Please do your part to pray for the work each Saturday at Keswick Market and /or if you are able, call by for an hour any Saturday to encourage us or, have a go at helping people who come to the stall.

Robert McGibbon and Tom O'Donnell.

Keswick Market - 20 January 2018

posted 27 Aug 2018, 06:39 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Aug 2018, 06:40 ]

A new year had dawned and by the twentieth it was our first turn on the market.  Is this to be the year the Lord will return?   We look to the Lord for his enabling to present him as the Saviour of all who will trust in Him. AS we passed Bassenthwaite Lake, we saw such a beautiful sight. The lake was so still and reflected the hills so perfectly.  We could see the makers handiwork in  God's creation.  We could recall Wordsworth's lines,,,,, The beauty of the morning, silent, bare: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty.... so on we drove to the market where we found several stalls empty which is usual just after Christmas. Nevertheless we did have a very busy day.

Of all we talked to, we would ask you to pray for the following people:

  1. A man who at first walked past until I asked him if we could help. He came back and looked over the items on the stall and as we talked of people we knew in Keswick, he accepted a CD about the soul. We explained why we were on the stall. Please pray he will listen to the CD and be pointed to the Saviour.
  2. The crowds of children (and sometimes adults) who are drawn to try out the guessing box.  We say this so often BUT it is so useful for getting people to pause and each be given a tract in addition to what we are able to say. 
  3. Tom talked to one particular lady as she tried the guessing box. She explained she was a Roman Catholic and didn't want any literature,Thank you.
  4. Another lady told us she was proud to be a Geordie.  We asked why she was visiting Keswick, which she explained, was for walking in the lovely scenery.  We explained how we had marvelled at the beauty of God's creation as we travelled along the A66. She quickly agreed and showed photos she had taken on her phone earlier that day. As we pointed her to the Bible she said that she thought it was just a book of statistics written by men long ago. She did pick up a leaflet, Finding your way in Lakeland, but put it back.  Yet still she talked with us further so I gave her the tract, Man's Best Friend.. It seemed to be acceptable because of her two dogs which she had brought with her.  Please pray she reads it herself and discovers God's Goodness. 

Lots of people did visit the stall.  Keswick draws people from relatively nearby and from all over the world.  We were satisfied that the seed of the word had been planted but it is the Lord's work to nourish it, not ours.  If you can't help out on the stall, please pray for this work where we get these opportunies.  Also persuade your church.  assembly or fellowship to pray for us too.

TOm O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon.

Silloth Show - 11 June 2018

posted 22 Aug 2018, 13:22 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 22 Aug 2018, 13:24 ]

This year at Silloth we were trying out using the gazebo for a shelter for the stall.  It was needs must because this year the dates clashed and the van was in was being used at Appleby Horse Fair.  It was amazing how we managed to get all the gear in the car boot along with the folded up gazebo and tables.  It turned out to be very busy indeed : people just kept on coming. As ever, the guessing box seems to draw the children and at Silloth they sometimes come alone and sometimes with parents but yet it gives a great opportunity to present the gospel.

Silloth Show is one of the smallest shows we attend, yet it is so well attended with vintage cars, tractors, steam engines and so many stalls selling parts for cars and lots of food vans with burgers and tea, ice cream and pop!  Overall we had a much more important task for the day of making Jesus known.

 As one young man was trying to guess items in the guessing box, and  to recall the items connections with the Bible,  his mother   explained that her son was learning so much but really they were  Catholics.  we had the joy of telling her that we were not there to tell of a religion to follow,  but for to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

This year we were grateful for the help of Ray who lives and works in Silloth to help with assembling the gazebo and  Pat who also worships at Silloth Mission, enjoyed meeting quite a number of people.

Do pray that each flipper-flapper, each tract given out, and each spoken word will be used by the Lord to draw people to himself,  Please pray for this show and others to be still held this Summer, that Gods Message of Salvation will be clearly sent out and received. 

David Johnston and Robert McGibbon

Cockermouth Show - 05 August 2018

posted 22 Aug 2018, 12:37 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 22 Aug 2018, 12:37 ]

Here we are again at Cockermouth Agricultural Show!  We have been here with the van a few times but certainly not all the 168 times the show has been in existence.  We checked the weather forecast eagerly every day because we were hoping to take the gazebo instead of the van.   By Friday we were sure  it was going to be fine so all systems were "go!"  after a week of rain.  It makes  such a difference to the numbers of people attending the show and in turn the number of people that come by our stall.  We were rejoicing at how good is our God who helps us in the slightest effort we make to proclaim the gospel.

Our pitch was between the Cumberland News stall and Age UK. Most of the time we were busy with children playing on the guessing box and talking to their parents of the good news of the Lord Jesus, sometimes by the aid of flipper-flappers, sometimes by just talking to them of why Jesus came and what he did for us sinners by dying on the cross in our place.

A group of about forty American Ladies who were studying Agriculture in Britain stopped at the stall. The conversations we had with them told us they were believers so they took with them some tracts to use at college and back in the USA. How easily the word can be spread well beyond our shores.

One lady whom I have met at Cockermouth Show before and several other shows, asked for a Bible and with it took several tracts.  She and  her husband have now retired and enjoy going round the shows. What shook me as she left us were her words, !I am not ready yet!" Do pray for her that she will have time to repent of her sin and turn in faith to the Saviour.

We had many conversations that day but one that stands out was with two ambulance women on duty on the field who were from Liverpool.  They went away sure they knew the way of Salvation.

Some might ask why we keep going to the shows and market?  We are very conscious that we are often speaking to people who as yet would not enter a church or even read a Bible.  please pray the Lord will add to His church some who were pointed on the way by reading a tract or listening to what we were able to say to them,

Tom O'Donnell  and Robert McGibbon.

Keswick Market - 01 July 2018

posted 22 Aug 2018, 05:47 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 22 Aug 2018, 05:47 ]

Usually we complain about the weather at Keswick, but not this time : it was absolutely glorious and the streets were heaving with people from all around the world. 

One early couple were from New Zealand ! They were Christians and delighted to see us there. She took some literature and a DVD of Mary Jones and her Bible to use back home. 

Two sisters called by from Bedlington. They had visited the stall previously and took away some bookmarks and pictures with texts. Another couple came from the Isle of Wight and stayed quite a while chatting , profitably we believe. 

The day continued to be very busy with lots of children trying the guessing box and chats with them and their parents. A couple called where the husband was in a wheelchair. He asked for a New Testament so we gave him one called Hope which is a NKJVersion, along with some Daily Bread Notes. He does go to church at home sometimes with his wife in Scotland. Please pray for them that they will find the Lord as they search the scriptures and that the church they attend will help them to grow. 

A couple from Carlisle who attended a church there with their children, explained they were Roma gypsies . (not travellers) They were shown how to use the flipper flapper and they took some with them, along with tracts for their children. 

As we were closing down, a young couple from Newcastle explained they had been travelling all day. We still had time to talk to them and pass on some tracts to help them find the Saviour. 

If we could remember all the people who visited the stall and the places they came from and managed to write them all down, it would take many pages. On the whole, it was a good day. Lots of people were contacted with the gospel who would never have gone to church or any other meeting. Likewise we wouldn't have tried to speak to them but for the stall. God says his word will not return to him void. So again more seed has been sown. Please pray for the next stage, that the seed will have landed in good ground and grow and multiply. 

Keith Daymond and Robert Mc Gibbon.

Dalston Show - 11 August 2018

posted 22 Aug 2018, 05:43 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 22 Aug 2018, 05:44 ]

Show Day started bright and sunny and this encouraged early visitors .Arriving before 9 am ,a 10 year old boy was the first to visit  the CGO display .His principal attraction was the Guessing Box . Sadly however his knowledge of the Bible was almost non-existent .  With no Sunday School or Church attendance background and no RE teaching at his school, he was unable to quote any instances in the Bible that spoke of either snakes, fish, boats, Judas, sheep or lions  .He was however able to identify that Jesus died on the cross , although the reason for this was way beyond his knowledge . The lack of knowledge and his willingness to stay and talk did provide an opportunity to explain some of the stories connected with the objects in the Guessing Box . He happily stayed for over half an hour and finally left with a number of helpful children`s leaflets . 

During the day there was a steady stream of children(and sometimes adults ) to the Guessing Box . Many were the occasions when an adult  (either parent, grandparent  , aunty ,/uncle )  with one or more children would stop by the “Box” and  while the children were occupied with its contents and either David or Robert , there was opportunity to speak with  the  adults . Many of these were willing to talk and afterwards leave with literature explaining the Christian message . e.g .Mans Best Friend, Family Matters , Finding The Way in Lakeland etc. 

It is always encouraging when believers call at the stand and make themselves known. A young  man (late teens ) with his Aunt from Blackpool came to view the display . During the conversation the young man said that he had trusted the Lord only 2 weeks ago and that he was now looking for literature that would help him grow on his walk with the Lord . He was happy to receive a copy of   “Daily Bread” together with other helpful aids .

A retired C of E  vicar now living in the North East  and currently worshipping at an Evangelical Presbyterian  church came to visit . While speaking with him it was good to learn that he was originally from Carlisle and had attended in his youth some of the local evangelical churches. David and he were able to recall  the names of some of a previous generation of believers  . 

Late in the afternoon an elderly well dressed gentleman came to view the literature . It turned out that he was a Jehovah  Witness living near the Scottish Border . Robert was able to speak with him , particularly on those areas where the JW teaching diverged from the Bible . The man was happy to talk and listen to what the Bible taught but after approximately  half an hour of amicable conversation and refusing to accept any literature , he left .Pray that even now he may reflect upon what he heard .

David Johnston , Robert McGibbon ..   

Penrith Show - 28 July 2018

posted 2 Aug 2018, 11:59 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 2 Aug 2018, 12:00 ]

Once again the rain descended on Penrith Show as it did last year. Ron Marston and I were joined by Joy Emerson and friends, we appreciated their help and fellowship.

Many young people called at the Guessing Box leaving with a “lolly” and children’s booklets, not forgetting the parents who accepted leaflets i.e. “Family Matters” and one such couple, the lady was a Vet and he was a GP. Another couple with the children said they would attend Church in the Barn.

Many farmers stopped to talk, two had won prizes, one with the Dairy Cattle and the other with his Sheep. The leaflet “Faith in Farming” was good to give to these farmers.

A couple called along with the girls, not forgetting the Alsatian dog, Mother had lots of questions about Suffering in the World and religion. After quite a long chat they decided to go but not before we gave them booklets including “God’s Story.”

Some young people from Germany accepted “It Just Happened”. At one point a number of people were standing around the Van including a Christian Police Officer and two support officers who accepted “What’s the Point”. We also had a chat with the Show President and his friends.

A lady who had been helping on a nearby stall asked what the literature was about when we told her it was Christian, her opposition was soon evident as she scorned belief in the Bible and God, she left without any help but we had spoken and left her “Good Reasons why the Bible was true and God was real.”

In contrast, we visited another stall where a number of ladies were promoting their business, one saying I believe in God and go to Church and said she thought it brought real meaning to your life. “N” was not so convinced and asked many questions. What a privilege to share the Gospel with this young lady, we encouraged her to speak to her step-father who attended church . We gave her a gospel fob which is a 5 minute recorded Gospel message. Please pray as she listens and reads the booklet that this will be a real turning point in her life.

Although the attendance at the Show was disappointing as a result of the wind and rain, we were blessed to have had the privilege of introducing so many to the Gospel – thank you for your prayers.

John Heron.

North Lonsdale Show - 25 July 2018

posted 1 Aug 2018, 08:03 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 1 Aug 2018, 08:03 ]

Unlike last year`s show date which brought record amounts of rain , this years show benefited from unbroken sunshine and produced record temperatures. This resulted in a corresponding  increase in attendance both of adults and children . The  “van” was fortunate in that it was situated close to the public`s entrance from the car park .

Visits to the  “van “ started early when two boys (brothers ) aged around 9 – 10 appeared at 8.30 to try their skill at the Guessing Box .While all the display materials had at that time not been unpacked , it was a privilege to share with them some of the Bible  stories linked to the objects in the box .They were followed by 40 to 50 other children during the day, all anxious to try their skill and display their knowledge(or lack of it )of the scriptures .

Barry had taken the opportunity to bring along his “True or False “  display board. This set out a series of 9 statements and  individuals were invited to state whether these were true or false .The statements were :Life has no meaning , Evolution is a theory , Money is everything , There is no God , Jesus is God , Sin is serious , God answers prayer , The Bible can be trusted , Heaven is for good people ,  The views expressed led to many long conversations being held and provided opportunities to state the truths of the Word of God . One lady , happy to express her beliefs correctly identified with true or false  all the statements , but had to admit that she was not perfect . She confessed that she sometimes told lies, but only white lies !  During further conversation it became evident  that she did try to live a “good” life  but that she still had no peace . She left with literature showing  how she could be sure of  peace with God.

A long conversation was held with a middle aged man who early on confessed that he had lost his faith and had turned his back on religion .In seems that in his younger days that he had been “ religious” and said that his best friend was in fact a Christian . His current view was that after life the body was committed to the ground and then was broken down into its constituent  elements . These were then assimilated into further life . On being reminded that life consisted of more than the body and that the soul was eternal .he likened this  to the thoughts of the living which after death went “upwards into the ether”!  He was offered a number  of helpful publications  but refused them .

During the course of the day many other conversations were held and tracts and leaflets handed out to adults and children . The precious seed was sown and we look to the Lord for the increase .

Barry Cummings and David Johnston.

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