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Gordon Egglestone is now responsible for deputation/report meetings in the South of the County and elsewhere and is happy to arrange a visit to report on the activities of Cumbria Gospel Outreach.

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  • Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2017 Once again another Annual Gypsy Fair time arrived with a forecast of a dry day on Friday and rain on Saturday.As we arrived on the Friday with the Van ...
    Posted 16 Jul 2017, 08:37 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - Spring 2017 Another wet day at Keswick. Five girls on holiday from Seattle, U.S.A., were talking about their travels but knew little of the Way of Salvation although they did ...
    Posted 16 Jul 2017, 08:22 by Stephen Hind
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    Posted 12 Sep 2016, 06:33 by Stephen Hind
  • Penrith Show 2016 Amazingly 12 months has passed since we last attended Penrith Show, once again we were blessed with good weather. A retired gentleman we met last year came to the stall ...
    Posted 9 Sep 2016, 01:19 by Stephen Hind
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Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2017

posted 16 Jul 2017, 08:37 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 16 Jul 2017, 08:37 ]

Once again another Annual Gypsy Fair time arrived with a forecast of a dry day on Friday and rain on Saturday.

As we arrived on the Friday with the Van, we were joined by 10 other helpers from Northern Ireland with Ronnie McCracken and for the first time, some Gideon friends who focused mostly their distribution of New Testaments on the Hill, visiting the travellers in their caravans and around crowds in Appleby.  Nearly 2,500 Testaments were accepted – pray that many who received the written Word would also accept our Saviour, the Living Word.

Our thanks to the Methodist Church for kindly allowing us to park the Van at the entrance to their car park.

Our friend Tony who lives locally and attends a local Church helped all day along with two ladies, Irene and Rhoda from the Northern Ireland team.

Our first visitors were a family from London living near Heathrow, John shared the Gospel with them having a long discussion about how to be sure of Heaven with the 16yr. old daughter.  The whole family grieving as the Grandma had lost her 36yr. old daughter to a rare illness.  We gave them some seats from the Church and the whole family spent the rest of the day near the Van and all accepted a New Testament and other helpful literature.

D and J, a couple in their 40’s talked for quite some time about the way of Salvation having attended an Alpha Course, we left them with “God’s Story” and New Testament.

Last year we witnessed to K who lives in Shropshire, it was a joy when he came to tell us that he had trusted the Lord since we witnessed to him last year, it was our privilege to pray for him.

J, a young lady  from Lancaster called on her way to catch a train, she had never heard the Gospel before but she was eager to listen as we told of God’s way to Heaven, she asked for leaflets and Billy Graham’s DVD.

A young lady had brought a Horse and Trap from Bristol, she was sitting on the seat of the trap with her horse yoked up, her partner was talking to a friend while John shared the Gospel with her for 30 mins., she accepted a New Testament writing in some passages of Scripture to read such as John ch.3, Psalm 139.  Later we learnt her Horse had won a prize and they asked us to take photographs.

Another couple from Devon again came to see us having spoken to Ronnie last year – it was a joy to see them both at the Service on the Sunday night at Kirkby Stephen when the N.Ireland team shared and sang.  Ronnie was speaking and what a great time we had, we know of two men seeking the Lord after the meeting.

 B, a middle aged gentleman had many questions to ask about God.  We left thanking God for so many opportunities to share the Good News.

Saturday was a new day with rain falling.  Tony’s wife Jean joined Jim and I in prayer to ask the Lord for a fine day, as we left the van the rain had stopped – Praise the Lord. Many people told us there was torrential rain all around the surrounding villages.

We also appreciated the help of Ron Marston and Wes Brewer, a young man in Kirkby Stephen assembly.

K, an R.S.P.C.A. Officer, was pleased to see us asking “what have you for us today” – we gladly gave him and his female helper some leaflets we had entitled “It just Happened”.  

Again the family from London took their seats near the van – do remember them in your prayers.

K and D, a young couple from Durham, who had never attended a church listened so well as we shared   the Gospel and they accepted leaflets including “God’s Story.”

M and C from Nottingham had no understanding of the Christian message but they happily listened and took a New Testament and “Reason to Believe” also “God’s Story.”

Pauline and husband came from Aberdeen and as we were sharing the Gospel we learnt Pauline had a friend who was a Born Again Christian – this friend had been witnessing to them and they left us after we encouraged them to listen to their friend.  We suggested that it was not coincidence that we were talking to them and God was speaking and knocking on the door of their Hearts.

We left Appleby about 6.30.p.m.

The team were back later talking to folks around the town and on Sunday morning they took part in a Service with the Gypsies then to Kirkby Stephen for the Evening Service.

We thank the Lord for all who worked so hard at Appleby – much seed has been sown, we look to the Lord for continued blessing.

John Heron

Keswick Market - Spring 2017

posted 16 Jul 2017, 08:21 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 16 Jul 2017, 08:22 ]

Another wet day at Keswick. Five girls on holiday from Seattle, U.S.A., were talking about their travels but knew little of the Way of Salvation although they did have Christian friends, they accepted leaflets and a DVD.

A lady from Liverpool not attending church but had a friend who was Born Again, took the leaflet “Alive”. Folks from Albania chatted and took “Reason to Believe”.

A family from Consett went to the Family Service at the Gospel Hall – they took a number of leaflets after their daughter had a go at the Guessing Box.

B, from Cockermouth and his Mother, asked for the leaflet “Breaking Free”- they said we don not know how to be saved. What a joy to explain the Gospel with the help of the ‘Y’ Jesus booklet. Although the rain fell, we were encouraged as we spoke to many dear Christian friends, one beiong Maurice from N.Ireland who had helped at the Gypsy Fair at Appleby.

April, 2017.

Another month soon goes by but so does the rain!! A dry day. J and Max had many questions having had some association with J.W’s about the Trinity and the New Birth. We suggested they just read the Bible for a month without Watch Tower literature. Max said I think that is a good idea, pray they both find the Lord in His Word.

Alan from Cornwall, asked for a Bible and “Right Track” for a lady who had recently been saved.

Two ladies from Sunderland had a long talk with us as we gave them ‘Y’ Jesus and a Billy Graham DVD. After explaining the Gospel, J said my partner will be very interested. It was great to have David Metcalfe join us for a while – he had the joy of talking to a Sekh gentleman and giving him a Bible and sadly his friend showed little interest.

Anne from N.Yorkshire told us she had always been a Christian. We held her bag and dog whilst she searched the Guessing Box – she left us with ‘Y’ Jesus.

Two girls said we do not believe the Bible, her Mother was an atheist – we gave them “10 Reasons to Believe in God”.

Family from Welwyn Garden City were not believers – their daughter was Down’-syndrome – we shared the Gospel and gave them ‘Y’ Jesus and “Staying Alive”.

Ben and his Wife took 5 titles of 10 “Reasons to Believe” and a DVD. This couple were really seeking although their parents did not believe.

Fiona spoke to us saying she was an atheist, she accepted “10 Reasons to Believe in God”. Phoebe attended the Free Methodist Church in Lancaster – we encouraged her and teenage friends.

May 2017

Another Saturday has arrived with the sun shining when it was good to have Bert McKaig, a friend who visits us at Kirkby Stephen on occasions.

A from Whitehaven, a Freemason, said surely all the money we give and good works will get us into Heaven – we told him it was all Grace and not works.

Mike a Romanian, told us he was a believer, we encouraged him in the Lord.

A Mother and daughter from Essex listened as we shared the Gospel of how to know Jesus.

A Chinese couple listened – they had never heard the Gospel before pray they will read the literature and be saved.

Bert had a long talk to a Biker although a hot day he was dressed up in leathers – it would be great to hear of him coming to the Lord and clothed in garments of salvation.

A couple now living in Staveley having moved from the South and were open to the Gospel. We talked to Stuart for 10 minutes although he was adamant he would not take a leaflet.

A young man who had been brought up in the Muslim religion had changed his name to Daniel having seen Jesus in a dream and now fully trusted Him for salvation, he and his Wife now living in the North East. We were so encouraged to meet this dear couple and see them living for the Lord and attending church.

We appreciate Deborah Wright calling to help at the stall when she is able. A Hungarian lady called at the stall with her 11yr. old son who was searching the Guessing Box when Deborah was there. After talking to her she agreed to meet for coffee, they met on a number of occasions and Deborah had the opportunity of sharing the Gospel and led this dear lady to the Lord. Along with her son they are attending a local church. While listening to his Mum praying and thanking the Lord for Deborah, he said to his Mum if it hadn’t been for me going to the Guessing Box, you would never have met Deborah. Praise the Lord.

John Heron

Appleby Show 2016

posted 12 Sep 2016, 06:32 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 12 Sep 2016, 06:33 ]

After a number of years of Appleby Show on a Saturday, it was back again on a Thursday but we were disappointed to see the rain falling and after a few attempts to reach our designated position, we arrive at our place on the Show field. Due to the rain, attendance was down, nevertheless, we had some profitable conversations.

One of our first visitors was K, a teacher from Merseyside, who was on holiday at Greenodd with her husband and three boys in their teens. They went to church only occasionally, the boys had been taught Evolution at school and were doubting God. We explained that it wasn’t credible to believe that nothing made everything and were able to give Mum and the boys “10 Reasons to believe in the Existence of God” and other tracts. K said “I wish we had met you a few years ago “- do pray this whole family will seek the Lord the young people remembering their creator in the days of their youth

Ron met friends who he had spoken to at the Gypsy Fair and gave the couple a DVD and bookmarks.

We were encouraged to meet Christians from Kilwinning who called to say how encouraged they were to see a witness at the Show, we also knew some of their friends and family.

A lady who we both knew was happy to talk and accept a tract.

Before we began putting everything away in the boxes, we were able to talk to a Christian young couple she had just lost her mother and asked us to remember them in prayer so we returned back home along the muddy track to the road home arriving back to Warcop we pressure hosed the van down ready for the next show. Despite the rain we continue to pray that there will be showers of blessing in our County.

Ron Marston and John Heron

Penrith Show 2016

posted 9 Sep 2016, 01:18 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 9 Sep 2016, 01:19 ]

Amazingly 12 months has passed since we last attended Penrith Show, once again we were blessed with good weather.

A retired gentleman we met last year came to the stall with his Wife and Daughter and her children. We were able to talk about the Lord and gave the daughter “God’s Story”.

We were again met by a stall holder who we have talked to the previous year. A said “have you come to save our souls”, his daughter had had the traumatic experience of being in an airport when there was bombing again we gave a DVD and “God’s Story” – pray for this family that contacts in the past and again this year will bear fruit.

A couple from Barrow said they never went to church, we talked about the purpose of life and they accepted a tract of that title.

Many people we met were from up the Eden Valley, one couple whose father we knew was happy to talk and take some tracts – pray this young couple who have never heard the gospel, will be reached for the Lord.

A retired gentleman- K - who had worked all his life in the borders, stopped and talked, we sensed he wasn’t happy with God – sadly he had lost all three of his wives to cancer, you can imagine how he felt. He knew a number of Christians in the past that we knew. We felt although he was so hurt with such loss, he listened as we shared God’s love, he took a leaflet to help him and point him to the Lord and left us after talking 45 minutes.

Some young mothers and children who were part of the travelling community came and asked for a Bible and we also gave them tracts for their friends who were not Christians and a DVD.

Other visitors came and children from the North East and even a couple from Iceland, not forgetting others from the south of the county. All were pleased to accept the tracts we gave them. Please pray for some who refused to take tracts. Again we were encouraged by a visit from the Emerson family who attend the Church in the Barn.

Once again much seed was sown in the hearts of young and old – would you water it with your prayers?

Ron Marston and John Heron

Appleby Horse Fair 2016 - Ronnie McCracken

posted 9 Sep 2016, 01:00 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 9 Sep 2016, 01:07 ]

On June 2nd seventeen of us set off from our home at 06:00 am en route for Appleby, we boarded the Stena line ship in Belfast and after a perfect crossing landed at Cairnryan. The weather was outstanding with brilliant sunshine all the way. On arrival at Appleby we went straight to the “Wild Rose” caravan park, which was our base for the next days. This year the caravan park was closed to visitors but the owner was pleased to let us in to stay there again. The park was very quiet indeed unlike earlier years. Once the team had been allocated their sleeping quarters we then set off to organise the Coffee shop in the town and soon had everything cleaned and ready to welcome visitors. Then it was up the hill to see our friend and brother Billy Welsh. What a welcome he gave us once again and assured us that the weather was going to only get better each day. Billy asked me to conduct a morning service in the camp among the Gypsies the following Sunday.

Next morning after breakfast we had a time of prayerful intercession before going into Appleby where some of our helpers were detailed off to look after the shop, some went to the street to invite people in for coffee, some went up the hill among the living wagons and others went to help at the Cumbria Gospel Outreach literature stand. It was great to see our team members with their Tee shirts proclaiming “Jesus Loves You”. These are worn for a dual purpose, first and most importantly as a witness but also as a form of protection in case of any trouble. Actually there was a rumour that there was going to be extensive violence this year between rival gangs. Reports said that the bodies of two young people who died from drug abuse had been exhumed by rival factions and decapitated! The police had a very strong presence and in fact took out exclusion orders against some people that not only kept them from the fair but even out of the county. Whatever the truth of these rumours we wanted to be sure that our team members would not be threatened or harmed in any way. The Tee shirts identify them as being with us and we are assured that no one will harm “the holy people”. In the event there was no violence of any kind and all passed off peacefully with everybody in good humour. The rumours did however keep some people away from the fair so numbers were down this year as far as Gypsies were concerned. It was great to meet again with people who have now become friends.

The B.B.C. were doing a documentary for the World service and I spent more than an hour being interviewed. In the providence of God the lady doing the interview turned out to be JEWISH! She was deeply touched and shed tears before the interview was over. In fact she and her husband asked if they could accompany me around the wagons to listen to how I approached the people and record more of what was said. I am not sure of how much of the material they will use BUT the Lord had a purpose in this meeting.

Once again vast amounts of literature were distributed together with CD’s for the non- readers and lots of DVD Bible lessons for children. Our “Talking Key Chain” that had a five-minute Gospel message was also popular with many people.

The days passed very quickly indeed and soon we were back in Kirby Stephen for the closing service at the Gospel Hall. It was a blessed evening, the whole group sang, Peter, from La Hinch in Clare, shared his testimony and I gave a closing message. There were several unsaved present at the service and the Lord was surely working in hearts. After the service the ladies served us a wonderful supper for which all the team were very grateful.

Next morning we bade farewell to Appleby and set off up the road, as usual we stopped in Penrith to distribute tracts in a housing estate and then when we entered Scotland we stopped at Kettleholm to visit every house in the village. At the very first door a lady engaged Tim and I in conversation and after some minutes asked us to pray with her. Please do remember Dorothy in your prayers. This was one of those Divine appointments. Several other people were really spoken to and all took the literature. Then it was into Lockerbie where we visited many homes and in fact almost stayed too long as we had a fast run to make the ferry in the evening! We wanted to not only reach out to the Gypsies but to touch others as well.

One thing is certain and that is, without OUR very faithful supporters we could NOT manage to do such an outreach to the needy and lost so I want to say THANK YOU to you for kindly supporting us in this venture once again by your gifts and prayers. May the dear Lord Jesus bless you in return for your kindness and generosity.

Yours in His glad service,

Ronnie & Pat McCracken

Keswick Market - June 2016

posted 29 Jun 2016, 03:28 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 29 Jun 2016, 03:29 ]

One of our first visitors was a middle aged gentleman, after looking at the stand, he asked if he could take 10 Reasons to Believe, in the Existence of God, he told us he was an atheist, we expressed surprise and said surely he hadn’t so much faith that the amazing creation came about without a creator. We didn’t think he was so convinced of his atheist belief. Pray that God will speak to him through the tract.

A Christian lady spoke to us from Sweden who attended a Pentecostal Church came and encouraged us. D and Julie spent some time talking, he said he had no faith or belief and Julie was from a catholic background, her father now being an atheist. This couple were from Sunderland and we had the joy of sharing and explaining the Gospel, they were showing so much interest that we felt it right to give them a Billy Graham DVD and the booklet “God’s Story”.

D & B, who had come to live in a village near Kirkby Stephen and said they may come to Kirkby Stephen fellowship.

M and D were visiting from Wigan, they knew Tom from University days when he was lecturing and Tom had shared his faith. Pray that renewing friendship will be a means of this couple finding the truth and Jesus as Saviour, we gave them “God’s Story and DVD.

We met quite a number of children at the Guessing Box and shared with Parents and Grandparents. Some Christians from Sweden encouraged us. We were able to encourage a couple from Mungrisedale to go to a church as the Mother has been in contact with Christians when she was single – pray this family will start to attend church.

We spoke to a young couple – she was a Scout leader from a catholic background but her Dad is now an atheist – what a joy to share the Gospel explaining the difference between Christianity and religion and we gave them “Why Jesus”, “Purpose of Life” and “Ever Wondered”. A gentleman walked up to the stand and took “What the Catholic Bible Says” and a nurse from Newcastle asked if she could take a Bible.

M and J, he was a nurse from Middlesborough both listened as we explained to them the Lord’s love and they took a DVD and “Reason to Believe”. D who had some descriptive Tattoos over his body for all to see, walked passed saying there are so many gods, you would not know which is the right one. We told him people often worship their own god even idols of stone and wood but there was only one true God – he left us with “God’s Story”.

A young couple from Manchester stopped, J was C.of E. but had little understanding of the Gospel, K was seeking - her parents were of the catholic faith. What a joy to explain to them how Jesus died on the Cross because they needed a Saviour, their good works would never get them to heaven. We mentioned about the Queen’s Christmas message – God sent Jesus a Saviour. We explained the booklet “God’s Story” and DVD.

John from Doncaster, a middle aged man, had contact with J.W’s and asked what they believed and we explained that they didn’t believe or practice the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith which he was quite surprised to learn, he was asking many questions and we believe he was a genuine seeker after God. We gave him “On the Right Track”, John’s Gospel and Romans but not before we read John ch.3.v.16-18 and explained the helps in the back of the booklet - he happily took a Fob to listen to also.

A lady from Sunderland asked if we had literature that could help her, her friend had died recently and she had just learnt that her husband was having an affair with another lady. Unfortunately this lady was not getting much support from the church she attended so we encouraged her to attend another church. We spent time talking and gave her the RBC booklet “He knows your Pain” along with “Pathway to Peace”.

D who was working in the hotel opposite the stand came to see us to say how pleased he was to see us reaching people with the Gospel, he had been involved in a charismatic fellowship before moving to Keswick.

We would ask you to pray that the many tracts which we gave out and the conversations we had will fall on good ground and others who we talked to at length who were clearly seeking God, will come into the joy of salvation.

Jim McCallam, Rom Marston and John Heron

Appleby Horse Fair - 2016

posted 27 Jun 2016, 02:20 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Jun 2016, 02:21 ]

Once again we had the privilege of attending the Annual Gypsy Fair at Appleby with 10,000 travellers arriving in the small Market Town with their Horses and Bow-top Caravans from all over the U.K. attracting 30,000 visitors –although the numbers may have been slightly down on previous years but a great opportunity to share the Gospel.

We were again blessed to have help from Ronnie and Pat McCracken and a team of helpers – what a joy to work together with such an enthusiastic team. A Christian friend in Appleby kindly let us have the use of a vacant shop where we were able to serve Coffee and Teas to visitors and share the Word while others helped on the Van and around the town, others of the team visiting the travellers in their caravans on the fields. Billy Welsh and his Wife were again so welcoming to us as we met them at their caravan on the Hill sharing a cup of tea and again Billy was happy to organise a meeting on Sunday morning when Ronnie spoke. Again we are indebted to friends at the Sands Methodist Church for allowing us to park the van at the entrance to their car park a wonderful position.

On Friday, one of our first visitors was J from the south of Ireland, he has attended many gypsy fairs with the purpose of taking pictures for his web site. J had many searching questions and was happy to take away a Fob to listen to.

A gentleman from Peterborough again his name was J, he spent much time sharing how he felt – his seeking the Lord was great to see, it was a pleasure to give him Billy Graham’s DVD and a Fob to listen to, along with some tracts.

A couple from Anglesey stayed to talk for nearly 30 minutes, again had many questions about the Bible, Christian faith – what a joy to talk to this lovely couple who were seeking the Lord inviting us to visit them at home. A young couple with Ronnie’s team who were working with OM in the south of Ireland inviting them to visit a Cottage they had in the Irish Republic – they were keen to take “God’s Story” and a DVD. Please pray for them – we have spoken to them since they returned home.

Standing near the van, John said to a lady and her friend they must be religious as they were standing so near to a Christian stall – this lady was not a believer and her friend was not interested. P shared how she felt her mother had been born again (having died some time ago) she said “my Mother would be proud of me if I was saved.” Going through the ABC of the Gospel and urging her to give her life to the Lord, P said “I have goose bumps as you share the Gospel with me” – pray she will respond as she listens to the CD of Gypsy Smith and DVD of testimonies.

C, a gypsy lady, we gave her the story of Gypsy Smith, Ronnie had brought 1,000 of these CD’s, all were taken along with hundreds of the TELit tracts “Eternity Stakes” and “A Man’s Best Friend”not to mention the many other titles

One of the RSPCA officers stopped and talked telling us about his work with the horses and he went on to say he was an atheist but was still pleased to accept one of the CD’s. John met a gentleman from Sheffield who attends Horse sales and Gypsy Fair along with his lady friend, we had a friendly chat and he took away one of the Fobs to listen to – pray that the simple Gospel message will impact his life and his friend.

On Saturday, Ron Marston and Tony from the Methodist church came along to help and support along with some ladies who supported us and made us refreshments. A dear couple from Oakhampton who we have had long talks to over the last two years again called to share what had taken place in their lives since last year, J is a born again Christian and longs for her husband to give his life to the Lord, we encouraged him to take that step. Tony had the joy of having a long talk to a friend he had previously shared the Gospel with.

We had wonderful fellowship, wonderful weather and a wonderful Gospel to share. We know the Lord will keep the wonderful promise that His Word will not return unto Him empty.

John Heron/Ron Marston

Keswick Market - May 2016

posted 27 Jun 2016, 02:11 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Jun 2016, 02:11 ]

Two weeks previous to our scheduled Saturday on the Market, John had called in to support Tom on the stall for a couple of hours when Tom was talking to a group of young people explaining the meaning of the Flippa-flappa. John spent some time talking to a young couple who he would value your prayers for, K and A were from Gloucester, K was asking many questions giving the opportunity for John to explain how to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. K in particular, was so appreciative and offered to pay for the Billy Graham DVD, they also took tracts and contact details.

Jim and I arrived at Keswick with a forecast promise of rain in the morning and at 11 a.m. it rained heavily. Earlier we had the privilege of talking to V, a middle aged gentleman from the Manchester area who was visiting Keswick, he was brought up as a Catholic, his wife was a Christian attending an evangelical C of E., he had many questions regarding the Catholic faith and living a good life, he also attended a Christianity Explored Course, still he had questions, John explained that he needed to be rescued – saved and quoted the words of C.T.Studd “If Jesus Christ is God and died for me, no sacrifice I could make would ever be enough". He was really touched by the Lord's love for him. He was encouraged to seek the Lord and be certain of Heaven and he left the stall with tracts and contact details along with a Billy Graham DVD "Second Chance".

Two girls from Newcastle called to the stall distributing promotional cards, both said they were atheists, John said surely you don't believe nothing made everything. After a short discussion they happily accepted “10 Reasons to Believe" and a DVD.

John spent 30 minutes talking to a young lady at a nearby stall and she was, in her own words, open minded asking questions — how can you be sure there is a God and what about evolution and big bang, she also asked if I am not a Christian where would I go when I die; John said I think you know the answer to that question having been brought up as a Christian and confirmed but now saying people look at me judging me. After explaining the Gospel and many other questions, I later gave her tracts “10 Reasons to believe the Bible, The Christian Faith and the Existence of God", and a DVD of Testimonies.

A lady from Huddersfield along with her mother-in-law, said all religions were the same as Islam, Judaism and Christianity all have roots from Abraham. We explained that Jesus was unique, they left us with 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith.

Jim spoke to a couple from India, the gentleman said he recalled the day he received a Gideon Testament 30 years ago, he was encouraged to read the Word. A number of Children enjoyed the opportunity of the Guessing Box and the sweets we gave and trust that Bookmarks and Children's tracts will point them to the Lord. During the day a number of people declined the offer of tracts, we were not discouraged as those who were seeking the Lord were a joy to share the Gospel with, not forgetting the many Christians who called in to say how pleased they were to see a witness for the Lord in Keswick.

Jim McCallam and John Heron

Keswick Market - 16 April 2016

posted 27 Apr 2016, 05:35 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 05:35 ]

When we arrived at 8:30 on the market, things were already busy with stall holders setting out their wares. It was bright but still with a really cold wind.

Our first visitor was a lady with her twin girls who had come to Keswick for a week's holiday from Widnes. She explained she attended a Roman Catholic Church where she and her daughters were servers. The girls spent some time on the guessing box and were given literature and a flipper flapper each. We explained the message of the flipper flappers which tells of our sin and how we can get right with God.

Next a lady called Debbie from Penrith came by and stayed a long time. She wanted to know about evangelism and witnessing in the open air. We hope she felt encouraged to witness openly for our Lord.

A young lad from Blackpool tried out the guessing box and was again given literature. Our conversation alerted two ladies who were sitting outside the Skiddaw Hotel as they were from Blackpool too. We gave them tracts with pictures of dogs.

People visit from all over the world as well as relative locals. A mother with three children from Newcastle stayed a while to allow all three to try out the guessing box who were also given literature. Esther from Cockermouth tried out the guessing box and we explained God' s love to her.

A Christian lady who originally came from China spoke to encouragement us in the work. After a while she explained she came from Dudley and knew of the work of Open Air Mission. We made the link with our brother Keith Bullock and she had known him too and rejoiced that he was now in glory with the Lord.

A lady from Middlesborough again with three children stayed some time and we had a very good conversation with her and the children were given literature after playing on the guessing box.

Our last visitor was a man who worked as a teacher at a local college along with his two small sons who again spent time on the guessing box.

Overall we had spent time witnessing to God's love to those whom we talked to and those who passed by and read the texts on the stall. Tom also had a talk with a stall-holder who explained he had been brought up in a Jehovah's Witness family but no longer attended. So many people listened to the gospel fervently. Please remember these in prayer that the message sown will grow in their hearts and the Holy Spirit will bring them to trust in the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

Tom O'Donnell. Robert McGibbon

Keswick Market - 31 October 2015

posted 6 Nov 2015, 05:00 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 6 Nov 2015, 05:00 ]

As we set up the stall, we were very aware that Winter has arrived: it was cold, thankfully dry till later on in the day. We knew that once British Summertime is over, the market closes at 3.30 but the Market Superintendent soon called by to ask us to stay open till 4.30 as there were many people in Keswick as it was the end of the schools half term holiday. A large group from Newcastle who were staying at the Convention Centre, called at the stall and had instruction in the Flipper Flapper from Tom. A young girl was going to use the Flipper Flapper in their devotionals that night.

A family from Nottiingham called by to greet us.

A large Christian house party from Barrow were staying in a house outside Keswick. All 40 of them must have visited us at some time during the day. A family with a young girl from Accrington enjoyed trying out the guessing box.

A lady took a tract "Why does God allow Suffering?"for her husband to read as he was having a difficult time over the recent death of a relative. She said he had been to two Alpha courses but still was not a believer. Please pray for him.

Still people kept calling by the stall. A family from Leeds, another from Liverpool and two kids from South Shields.

A lady who came from Coatbridge, near Glasgow spoke of the forthcoming closure of their Brethren Assembly due to lack of numbers. The burden was where would they worship in future. Please pray for them .

Two ladies called by who had come from Dewsbury.

A father who lived in Keswick called for the first time ever. Imagine our disbelief at all the times the stall has been available in Keswick and this was his first visit. Probably the visit was more significant than we dreamed.

I had a long conversation with a woman who had been born in Mauritius, but was now living and working in Birmingham as an engineer at Land Rover. She took a tract on, "The power of the Cross."

Two girls from Gateshead and an older couple from Hesket Newmarket spent quite some time chatting.

Joseph, a young man spent time with Tom and learned the message of the Flipper Flapper.

I was impressed with one young woman who came with her sister and her parents. The whole family were Christians and this girl explained hat although she was doing her O Levels, she was more concerned about her service for the Lord. Please pray for her as she considers where the Lord would call her to serve in the future.

This was a day where many tracts were given out and even more conversations were held. Only the Lord knows how we have been used in his plan. A man from Leeds asked for the booklet, "What the Catholic Bible teaches." After conversation, he was also given a New Testament to help in his study.

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon

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