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Gordon Egglestone is now responsible for deputation/report meetings in the South of the County and elsewhere and is happy to arrange a visit to report on the activities of Cumbria Gospel Outreach.

Should you be interested please contact Gordon on 015395 31507, 07971 123874 or email

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    Posted 7 Jun 2021, 04:21 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - January 2020 We set off for Keswick with the temperature minus 4 degrees, rising to +2.   The weather was kind to us all day, cold, little wind and no rain.One of ...
    Posted 25 Mar 2020, 17:07 by Stephen Hind
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    Posted 25 Mar 2020, 17:05 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - September 2019 A lovely day with the sun shining. Two young girls spent time at the Guessing Box taking away Josh and Jade children’s leaflets, as did many other children during ...
    Posted 7 Oct 2019, 09:48 by Stephen Hind
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Annual Report 2020

posted 7 Jun 2021, 04:21 by Stephen Hind

We hope you enjoyed reading last season's report. We're thankful we were able to send it out before the country was in lockdown - for the full report see: Cumbria Gospel Outreach 2020.

Keswick Market - January 2020

posted 25 Mar 2020, 17:07 by Stephen Hind

We set off for Keswick with the temperature minus 4 degrees, rising to +2.   The weather was kind to us all day, cold, little wind and no rain.

One of our first visitors were of African descent living in London.  We gave them literature to read.

We then were talking to a young couple from Reading who were saying how great it was in the Lake District.  We gave them “It Just Happened” regarding Creation.

A local couple from Workington stopped by and we gave them “The Secret of Life”.  Following this, a young couple, a Stall holder from the town, spoke about going to Church when she was young but not now.  We encouraged her to go to Church and read the leaflets we gave her.

A Welsh couple from Wrexham both having lost their partners at the age of 48 and 52 respectively, firstly he was sceptical but after we explained the Christian message, they accepted “The Purpose of Life” and “God’s Story”.

John went across the road near the Hotel to speak to a young couple from Manchester, after chatting asking if they had understood how to become a Christian.  ‘A’ said she had been christened and had a candle with her name on it. What an opportunity to tell how we are saved by faith through grace. They both listened so well explaining to them the message of the leaflet “God’s Story” which they took away and we trust will change their lives.

‘K’ was from the Czech Republic and ‘M’ from Poland, now living locally with their little daughter who enjoyed trying the Guessing Box. They were both very pleasant and listened as we compared religion with Christianity, again leaving them with leaflets and for the first time hearing how to be saved.

We had the joy of seeing families and children at the Guessing Box enjoying the fun of the Box and the Optical Illusion cards but most importantly taking home God’s Word through the Children’s and Adult leaflets.

One of our last visitors on holiday in the U.K. was a 30yr. old Chinese girl who worked in Computer Technology in China.  What a joy to share with ‘Y’ for the first time ever, the way of Salvation, she wrote down her name and saying I need to know the meaning of life.  When John showed her the Revival Movement leaflet “The Secret of Life’s Meaning” she was surprised by the title and also accepted other Gospel booklets.  We encouraged her to contact us if she had more questions. As she left, Paul’s comment was “that’s amazing.”

Keep praying as we begin another year of Witness to many who will hear the Gospel for the first time and the fruit will be the Joy of Salvation.


Paul Clatworthy and John Heron

Keswick Market - Oct-Dec 2019

posted 25 Mar 2020, 17:05 by Stephen Hind


One of our first visitors was a Courting Couple from Paisley, the lady did most of the talking whilst the gentleman was very quiet and reflective.  We gave them “10 Reasons to Believe in God”. We pray that God will be part of their lives together.

A 9 yr. old girl with her Mother from Manchester, chatted whilst we explained the need of forgiveness with the “Flipper Flopper.”

We had a great chat with a couple from Newcastle, they were open to hear the message and listened well.

An African lady from Liverpool listened as we explained the Gospel, happily accepting the “Secret of Life’s Meaning”

A Muslim lady told us her Mother-in-Law was a Christian.  We explained the contrast of the two Faiths, she was pleased to take away “On the Right Track” which is John’s Gospel and Romans.  Pray the reading of the Word will bring conviction and blessing.

J and A, a young couple from Bolton,  chatted and happily listened as we shared about the Way of Salvation and took leaflets home.

It was encouraging to meet to meet Christians who came to say “Hello” and some taking leaflets to give out themselves.


Early in the day, a young lady with her baby and Mother, shared that baby ‘E’ had been in the Freeman Hospital.  What a joy to listen to their story and for us to share and give them “God’s Story”.

A middle-aged gentleman from Sheffield spent some time talking to us and accepted literature .

We had the joy of explaining the new birth with J and A from Chester.

A Rastafarian man spoke to us although he had little interest in Christianity .

A young man from Iran also listened to us as we shared the Gospel and gave him leaflets.

Again it was great to see young people at the Guessing Box, also taking home “Josh and Jade” booklets.


Paul and John arrived for the day at Keswick Market, the Saturday before Christmas, with the opportunity to speak and give over 120 Christmas Cards to passers- by and share the Good Tidings of Great Joy.

Among the people we spoke to were a young people from Edinburgh University and gave them “God’s Story”.

A Buddhist lady from London stopped to talk accepting “the Purpose of Life” and “God’s Story”.

Just arrived in Keswick from Blackpool was a Catholic lady who after a long talk, we gave her “What the Catholic Bible says”.

We had the joy of meeting a family from Anglesey and shared the Gospel with them.

Before we left, a lady came asking many questions but didn’t know the Lord.  Please pray she will find the purpose of life.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron

Keswick Market - September 2019

posted 7 Oct 2019, 09:48 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 7 Oct 2019, 09:48 ]

A lovely day with the sun shining.

Two young girls spent time at the Guessing Box taking away Josh and Jade children’s leaflets, as did many other children during the day.

A family from Consett spent time talking, they had attended a Catholic church in the past, they accepted the “Purpose of Life” leaflet.

A lady from Whitby who used to attend church but not been for some time, after speaking to Paul said now she would look for a church in the Whitby area.

What a joy to meet two Bristol University students, they listened so well to the Gospel having never heard it before and said “yes” I understand and what you have told us makes sense. A thrill to see them drinking in the message of the Way of Salvation. We believe this will be a turning point as they took “God’s Story” and other leaflets about the new birth and receiving Jesus as their Saviour.

A lady asked for Daily Bread and “Why Believe in the Bible.” A young man from Pakistan took away “The Purpose of Life” . A young lady from New Zealand talked with us saying her Uncle was a Pastor, she showed real interest.

“L” and “D” a lovely young couple from Scunthorpe, looking at our True and False Poster were telling us what their thoughts were. This couple were real seekers and we explained the ABC of the Gospel and shared the content of “God’s Story”, they also promised to listen to the testimonies on the Billy Graham DVD we gave them.

“C” and “N “ from Morpeth talked and accepted “God’s Story” have first listened to us sharing God’s Way of Salvation.

The last couple we had the privilege of sharing with was “R” and “L” from Whitehaven, we gave them the Daily Bread booklet and “Start Again” explaining the New Birth.

We began our journey home thanking God for answering our prayers in having the joy of speaking to so many people open to the Word – Keep Praying.

Paul Chatworthy and John Heron.

Cockermouth Show - August 2019

posted 30 Sept 2019, 09:18 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 30 Sept 2019, 09:18 ]

Although the weather had been poor all the week before, we decided to just use the gazebo for the show to save the double journeys to Penrith. The weather really does make a difference at shows. Please pray in future for all shows that the weather will be suitable. The weather at Cockermouth was glorious, we felt truly blessed. On our allotted site, we had Reays Coaches on one side and the Freemasons on the other side.

As usual, the morning seemed to pass slowly with not many visitors but by afternoon people were queueing to try out , "Splat the Rat!" This is a game well known in Scouting. A"RAT," fashioned out of tubes wrapped in layers of sticky tape is dropped down a piece of drain pipe and the skill is to hit the rat with a bat just as it drops out of the bottom of the drainpipe. The guessing box still proved popular and all visitors were given literature or a flipper flapper to tell others of the Lord Jesus.

We were able to witness to so many people. Tom accepted literature from the ladies manning the Freemasons stall so they willingly took ours. As before, we met a first aider who impressed us with his bible knowledge. Last year we later met him again in McDonalds and had the opportunity to engage him in conversation about spiritual things. We even had groups of Scouts coming to the stall. Perhaps because of the game. Both Moira and Tom have worked with Scouting so it was a point of contact to begin conversations about the Saviour.

Overall we think it was one of the best days we have had at a show. We can talk about Jesus openly to people, young and old, who don't go to church but they will take home portions of Gods word that they may or may not turn to in time to come. Please pray particularly for these young people growing up in a world that has less and less thought of God. They need our prayers so much.

Tom O'Donnell, Robert and Moira McGibbon.

Westmorland Show – September 2019

posted 17 Sept 2019, 07:24 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 17 Sept 2019, 07:25 ]

The Westmorland show was on a day that rained almost non-stop. But despite the weather and thick mud underfoot, we had great joy in seeing many adults receive tracts. It was a special delight that numerous groups of school children on school trips heard the Gospel message after playing the Guessing Game whilst teachers and parents listened on and were very happy for the children to take the tracts specially written for the young.

Early in the day David had a long talk with a farmer who had travelled over from the Isle of Man to assist at the show. He had no church connections but was very willing to stop and talk and happy to accept a ‘’God’s Story’’ when he left. Barry and John also had some long talks with a number of adults and despite the almost non-stop rain that fell on the show field many appeared to be very ready to accept a tract and/or talk. The rain seemed to generate a spirit of comradeship as all were equally soaked as they trudged through the mud.

So despite the weather and mud it was a glorious day. The joy God gave us was wonderful and I’m sure the public were affected by our joy, especially as we were somewhat bedraggled! What a privilege to be part of that work. The knowledge that these souls are without hope and afraid of death should fill us with compassion and compel us to share with them the wonderful gospel message.

Malcom and Ruth Collins, Barry Cummings, John Heron and David Johnston

Hesket Newmarket Show - August 2019

posted 17 Sept 2019, 07:21 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 17 Sept 2019, 07:22 ]

Hesket Newmarket is the smallest show in Cumbria that CGO attends, Once the van had safely accessed it’s allotted pitch and the display set out, David was able to do his ‘’Good Works’’ for the day by assisting the trader next door (a coffee vender} to erect his Gazeebo.

The morning was quiet, mainly due to the fact that it rained almost continuously and the display outside the van had to be covered with a polythene sheet.

The afternoon saw showers of very heavy rain interspersed with brief periods of sunshine, but despite the weather the numbers visiting the show increased during the afternoon and some of these did speak with those attending the van. A man from Norwich spoke to David about the state of the ‘’Church’’ in the UK. He spoke of a Golf Course being installed in a Cathedral! While he didn’t agree with this he appeared to be more interested in maintaining a ‘’traditional’’ religion rather than having a personal relationship with God. He was however happy to accept some helpful literature including the leaflet’’4 things God wants you to know’’. There were many dog owners that passed by the van who were willing to accept the leaflet ‘’man’s Best Friend’’. At least two of these who after initially refusing the literature, saw the picture {a dog} on the front of the leaflet and then were happy to accept it.

Because of the weather the numbers visiting the show were less than in previous years. The pitch next door to the CGO stand was occupied by a Marquee from the Hesket Newmarket Free Church and it was good to have fellowship with the believers there.

David Johnston and Kevin Roy

Keswick Show - August 2019

posted 17 Sept 2019, 06:51 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 17 Sept 2019, 06:52 ]

The weather for the show at Keswick on Bank Holiday Monday could not have been more different to that encountered at the Dalston Show 2 weeks earlier. Once the morning mist was removed by the increasing strength of the sun, the rest of the day was hot and sunny. This brought out the public in large numbers and it soon became evident that many of those who stopped to talk were not locals but were on holiday from all parts of the UK. Early on we had a visit from two separate families from Portsmouth. One family were believers and worshipped in a church heavily involved in outreach work and church planting. The second family to visit from Portsmouth had no church background and were reluctant to speak on Christian matters. They did however accept some literature when they left. These holiday makers were followed by others from different parts of the UK. Two teenage boys and a girl from Preston were spoken to. They were churchgoers and had a knowledge of the Bible but appeared to place their eternal security on good works and church attendance rather than on faith in the finished work of the cross. R an atheist from Surry had a conversation with Keith. He claimed not to have always been an atheist but did not wish to talk about what had subsequently led him to this decision.

Amongst the Cumbrians who were spoken to were a couple from Penrith. They advised that they belonged to the Catholic Church and on leaving they accepted the booklet ‘’What the Catholic Bible Teaches’’

The Guessing Box was kept busy with children and teenagers, with queues sometimes forming as they waited to take their turn. This did give an opportunity to speak with parents who were with their children. During the day many tracts and pieces of Christian literature were handed out and we look to the Lord that the seed sown might bring forth fruit.

Keith Daymond, David Johnston

Keswick Market - July 2019

posted 17 Sept 2019, 06:30 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 17 Sept 2019, 06:31 ]

We enjoyed a lovely sunny day with many people visiting the Market including some attending the Convention.

Many people passing by accepted leaflets, we also had the joy of sharing the Gospel with many of which were two ladies who were religious but didn’t know the Lord as Saviour, we explained that being a chrisitian was a relationship with Jesus and they accepted a copy of “God’s Story.”

Another two folks spoke to us from Scotland who were visiting friends in Cumbria, their appearance was unusual with much facial decoration but we spent some time talking and gave them “Reason to Believe” and “Health and Wholeness.”

A family from Sunderland chatted and accepted “Reason to Believe” and “Purpose of Life.” Paul had a great conversation with a lady whose parents were Christians and gave her the booklet “God’s Story.”

A Rastafarian man from Jamaica had much to tell us but not seeking God. Praise God for the joy of sharing the Gospel with an Iranian man and also a gentleman from Saudi Arabia, living in London, who showed a real interest and accepted “Purpose of Life”. Many families stopped to talk from many different areas including Glasgow and Italy who took “Family Matters” and “The Secret of Life’s Meaning.”

It was also good to give a Bible to a family from Goa in India. A lady in a Wheelchair had many questions why so much suffering in the World, we gave her Our Daily Bread booklet on “Worry” and “Why Suffering in the World” and thought this may helpful to her.

Do pray that the many conversations and leaflets given to people from around the world will result in the salvation of some souls.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron

Appleby Show - August 2019

posted 17 Sept 2019, 06:25 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 17 Sept 2019, 06:27 ]

Although the forecast was promising, we did have some rain early in the morning. On arriving at the Showground we were asked to park in an area which was not part of the main Showground but with some other charitable organisations which was disappointing. We met many people walking past with their dogs who accepted “A Man’s Best Friend”, some local people who John knew stopped to talk.

‘J’, a Catholic lady spoke and took “Purpose of Life” and “What the Catholic Bible Says.” A lady from North Carolina, U.S.A., spoke to us, John commented: “you must be near the Billy Graham Library Centre, she said “Yes”, giving an opportunity to share the Gospel with her.

‘W’ had a long talk but was entrenched in his own ideas and little interest in God’s Word. In contrast, a young man from Bristol working for the BBC, rarely going to Church, was open and seeking for God. It was amazing if he had been the only person we shared with at the Show, it would have made our visit worthwhile. After explaining the way of salvation, he happily took “God’s Story” and some Billy Graham DVD’s. Do pray he will come to know Jesus as his Saviour.

Despite our disappointment in where the pitch was, we praise the Lord for touching lives.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron

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