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Gordon Egglestone is now responsible for deputation/report meetings in the South of the County and elsewhere and is happy to arrange a visit to report on the activities of Cumbria Gospel Outreach.

Should you be interested please contact Gordon on 015395 31507, 07971 123874 or email

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    Posted 2 Jul 2019, 07:03 by Stephen Hind
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    Posted 29 Jun 2019, 15:29 by Stephen Hind
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    Posted 23 Jun 2019, 13:58 by Stephen Hind
  • Keswick Market - April 2019 On this beautiful Easter Saturday, we were so blessed with the sun shining all day when thousands of people travelled to Keswick to enjoy the wonderful scenery. We had the ...
    Posted 29 Apr 2019, 00:59 by Stephen Hind
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Carlisle Show Report - June 2019

posted 2 Jul 2019, 07:03 by Stephen Hind

We arrived at our position on the Show Field shortly after 7.30 a.m. praying that the Lord would give us a fine day and would bring to the Stand those who are seeking.

W, who lived in Birmingham and was involved with wildlife,  spending time around Shows, seemed to show real interest in the Lord and the Gospel talking to John for 30 minutes and afterwards taking some leaflets and was given a Billy Graham DVD, do pray for his salvation.

S, used to attend church with his Nana, she had a Rottweiler dog which this young man was looking after, they took leaflets including “A Man’s Best Friend”.

 A young lady shared with us about being a Police officer at Workington, her response to the Gospel and Telit leaflets was encouraging.

Paul spoke to an adjoining stallholders explaining the difference between religion and Christianity, they were given John’s Gospel and “God’s Story.”

A lady used to attend church in Burnley, also having a lodge near Keswick.  We explained the need to the born again and gave her “Start Over Again” and “Health and Wholeness”.

L, with her son had just moved from Kendal to Carlisle, she seemed sad, we thought “Start Over Again” was appropriate.

A number of young people came to the Guessing Box including two girls with their Dad from Stockton, they left with a “Josh and Jade” leaflet and Dad with “God’s Story”.

A young man and his mother, a church warden, from Cumwinton, after talking to them, gave them “The Secret of life’s Meaning”.

We both spent some time speaking to people.  Paul was encouraged to have the opportunity to talk to people he knew as to how God had changed his life.  Please pray Paul’s testimony would impact their lives.

We left thanking the Lord for much seed sown and no rain!

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron

Appleby Horse Fair 2019 Report - Northern Ireland Team

posted 29 Jun 2019, 15:27 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 29 Jun 2019, 15:29 ]

On Wednesday the 5th of June the team began to assemble at our home on the Seven Mile Straight in County Antrim. The mini bus arrived from Ballinasloe in the Irish Republic and several other vehicles arrived, Kathy had come from Greystones outside Dublin. Joe came from East Belfast and lan from Co.Tyrone. It was wonderful to see the team gather with a sense of eager anticipation. We got everyone bedded down for a short night before the early morning departure on the Stena line ferry to Cairnryan. The crossing was smooth and pleasant and it was good to meet with some people on board who we had witnessed to at the Horse Fair in Ballinasloe last October. 

The weather was perfect for the drive to APPLEBY and soon we were looking at the beautiful scenery of the Eden Valley. The little town was already crowded with visitors and Travellers by the time we arrived, but we managed to wriggle through the crowds to reach our parking place at The Wild Rose Caravan Park. Once we had allocated everybody to their caravan spaces it was off up the Hill to see who was around. It was great to meet Billy again at the gate and to see how busy the hill was already, “We opened up last night to clear the roads,” Billy said. as we greeted one another. 

After a good night's rest we had breakfast together, a little time of prayer and then off again. We dropped off Pat and Mandy to help at the Cumbria Gospel Outreach stand in the town and took the rest up the hill and turned them loose Armed with lots of tracts, CD's and DVD's to distribute among the living wagons. Some went to the market field and some to the flashing lane while others moved around the living wagons. People received us warmly and with pleasant words. Many said how they were glad to see us again at the fair to serve the Lord. It was good to meet many Gypsy believers and we tried to encourage them. The team members all had on their polo shirts with the logo “Jesus Loves YOU” and one man said, “You lot are like mosquitoes, you are everywhere I turn, I can't escape you.” That was great to hear, it meant the profile was being raised among the crowds. Some of our team were there for the first time and it was all a revelation to them. Youngest team member was Matthew, who was just seven years old; he had come with his mother and father. Boris is from Germany and Katerina is from Macedonia. The three of them were an asset to the team and young Matthew's enthusiasm was a spur to us all. Saturday was a wet day and this curtailed us somewhat but still many opportunities to witness were to be found. In the evening it cleared up and we returned to the town to visit the revellers. Several of the team stood in the main street singing and playing music while we distributed literature to all who would receive it. In the yard of the King's Head pub I met a young man who was well under the influence of alcohol, he told me that his father was an evangelist and he had professed faith but had backslidden badly. Please do pray for M to return to the Lord. 

Sunday morning was fine and we had our morning meeting on the hill in the open air. Brother Joe Mitchell preached and I shared a bit as well before we had a breaking of bread service. There was a time of prayer and many were the requests that were called out. After the service I had a long talk with a reporter from Radio Cumbria who had listened to the entire service and recorded much of it. 

A highlight of the fair was the visit of Ramon, a 95 year old French Gypsy who survived the Holocaust. We were amazed at his energy and vigour as he addressed the people assembled. Later on Billy asked for us to deliver him back to where he was staying. 14 different taxi companies had been approached BUT all refused to come to take Gypsies. What prejudice still exists. How glad I was to take Ramon and his friends back and to tell them that there is someone who really wants to take Gypsies and every other sinner who comes to Him. There is no prejudice with JESUS. All are welcome at His cross. 

We had a great evening at Kirkby Stephen again with the friends at The Gospel Hall and it was thrilling to see the hall packed to capacity. The ladies gave us a great supper afterwards too. T and G asked for prayerful remembrance after the service. 

All too soon it was back on the road towards home but as usual we stopped here and there to share the Gospel with all we met. Castle Douglas was visited again and there I met P, all the way from Cavan in Ireland. 

I said to Billy Welch, “Well Billy, maybe this will be my last time to organise a group like this as I am getting too old.” His reply was interesting, “We have got so used to you coming, the Appleby Fair will not be the same without you, people look for the blue polo shirts and Jesus Loves YOU logo, and somehow it blesses them just to know you are there. 

SO......I hope to return again if the Lord tarries and spares me. 

Ronnie McCracken MBE 

Appleby Horse Fair Report - June 2019

posted 23 Jun 2019, 13:58 by Stephen Hind


Paul and I arrived with the Van in Appleby on a bright morning.  The Methodist Church kindly gave us permission to park in our usual position just at the roadside footpath where hundreds of people pass each day.

The first person we spoke to was a Security Officer who was happy to accept our “Eternity Stakes” leaflet.

Two young ladies from Southport stopped to talk when we shared the Gospel with them they left us with literature including the “Purpose of Life.”

Pat and Mandy and other members of the Team from Northern Ireland joined us when it was such a joy to renew fellowship with these faithful helpers and also Tony a friend from  the Methodist Church.

J, a professional photographer from Southern Ireland called to speak as we had met him last year, we soon learnt he was not a believer, while talking we commented that so many had little understanding of how to become a Christian.  John had the joy of sharing and explaining the way of salvation. He called later when Anne from the Team shared her testimony with him. We encouraged him to pray the prayer in “God’s Story.”

M, was not sure Jesus was the only way to God.  We said Jesus didn’t give the option of being only a prophet.  This seeking lady left us with helpful leaflets.

There were a few folks who showed little interest in contrast to a young lady from Southern Ireland with her daughter who was really seeking who had a Catholic background.  We gave her “What the Catholic Bible says” and “God’s Story” explaining the need for New Birth. This lady was listening well to the message, please do pray her interest will result in salvation.

Many children came to the Guessing Box and what a joy to share the way of salvation with them and their parents, with the help of the Flippa Floppa and Optical Illusion cards.  Many children took the Josh and Jade leaflets and Children’s DVD’s.

The day ended with heavy rain and people sheltering under the Van Canopy.


Saturday began with heavy rain until 11 a.m. when the rain was lighter encouraging more people to come into the road by the river with their horses.  We spoke to visitors from around the world including Germany and Hungary.

I,  a smart young man from Southern Ireland  spoke to John but didn’t believe Jesus was the Son of God and other unusual ideas.  Tim who lives in his area was able to answer many of his questions.

Two lads from Nottingham, sheltering in the Church Porch from the rain chatted and we gave them “Eternity Stakes.”

S, a young man from London filming the Travellers, spent some time listening to John sharing the Christian message which he had no knowledge of but was so open to the message and happily took “God’s Story.”  We suggested he could become a Christian at the Fair.

A couple from Devon who have attended the Fair over the last few years came to talk to us again and we shared the Gospel but it was good to welcome both of them to our Evening Service.

T and E from the Midlands were not sure they could believe all of the Bible but still accepted a New Testament and “God’s Story.”

T , asked for Prayer, after 25 years away from the Lord – what a joy with the Northern Ireland team to lead her back to the Lord.

S who was with a TV team when we explained that true Christianity is a relationship.

JN from New Market had lost his wife, speaking to him of forgiveness he found this difficult to accept but we gave him helpful booklets which we trust would be a help to him.

A young man from Newcastle came asking for helpful literature such as “Start Again”, “How to be Happy”,  “How to Stay Alive”. John sensed he was seeking and asked him if he would like to chat in the van and after a long talk sharing how to be saved, how God could take away guilt and fear, after careful consideration he looked at the prayer in “God’s Story” and asked the Lord into his heart, then leaving to catch the train home.  What a joy to learn for the first time, he had attended an Evangelical Church on the Sunday morning. We left with joy in our hearts after meeting so many souls and families with children having taken booklets and DVD’s.

The weekend finished with Ronnie McCracken and the team sharing Testimony and Singing and Ronnie preaching.  We were encouraged to see the Church full and people who visited us at Appleby attending. We praise the Lord for His help and blessing as we begin the Summer work with the Van.

Keswick Market - April 2019

posted 29 Apr 2019, 00:59 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 29 Apr 2019, 00:59 ]

On this beautiful Easter Saturday, we were so blessed with the sun shining all day when thousands of people travelled to Keswick to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

We had the joy of sharing the Gospel with many families using the Flipper Flopper for the children explaining the Easter message of the Lord dying for us to cleanse our hearts from sin making us clean to enter Heaven.

A mother with two young girls spent time with the Guessing Box, the older girl asking if she could have a Bible and what a joy to see a young lady leaving carrying her Bible. This young lady was one of many young people who left with the Gospel message to take home after having a turn at the Guessing Box.

Two of three young people stopped to chat, one being `K` who was searching for the Truth asking why Jesus. What a privilege to share how unique Jesus was in his Birth, Death and Resurrection, he took “10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith”, “Christ rather than Religion”, `K` also told us his Father was a Minister, he was happy to take a good leaflet from our Daily Bread – “First Steps.”

`E` was sharing with us that she was being Baptised soon, her boyfriend was not yet a believer. We were able to encourage him to go along to the Baptism and also to make a personal commitment to the Lord himself.

A Muslim couple from Leeds talked a while when we explained about Easter – they were pleased to accept tracts entitled “For our Muslim Friends” and “Who is Jesus the Messiah.” Later a Muslim gentleman spoke to us and happily accepted the same leaflets.

`D` from Scotland came with friends, he stayed to talk a while after his friends went away ahead. Not believing the Bible was true and doubting many other Christian truths, being quite aggressive, we explained that we were not promoting ourselves and gave literature away and because we mentioned this, he condescended to accept “God’s Story” – pray the Lord will reveal the Gospel to him.

We had a good time of witness with an African Catholic family at the Guessing Box. The children took tracts and the parents accepted “What the Catholic Bible Teaches.”

`G` and `L`, a couple with their Mother and Father chatted but sadly the Father was not a believer.

`T` a young mother with two lovely girls stopped as we showed them the Optical Illusion cards, they showed real interest and felt they were seeking. They accepted the leaflets “Purpose of Life” and “Reasons to Believe.”

We left Keswick with the sun still shining, would you with us thank the Lord for the joy of sharing the Gospel with so many people, many of whom had never heard the Gospel, the Good News of Easter. Pray that many lives experience the joy of Salvation.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron.

Keswick Market - February 2019

posted 9 Mar 2019, 04:43 by Stephen Hind

What a brilliant day on the market The weather was superb - warm and dry at the end of February half term week  Many were  having  a last look round the shops before returning home; many others were in  Keswick for just a day trip to enjoy the sunshine.   The children (and some adults too) tried out  the challenge of the guessing box.  There were so many visitors to the stall.  From the many we remember especially :-

a) one chap from the Isle of Wight
b) a family of two children and their mother and father who came from from Japan and who had been living in London while the husband had  been seconded to the Bank of Japan there who found Keswick quiet by contrast with London and even quieter still than Tokyo.
c) A Traveller family whom we discovered were believers. The mother was delighted to receive literature to help her with her Sunday School work.
d) Tom talked with a lady who was a teacher in a Roman Catholic School who seemed very interested in the Gospel and promised to read the literature she received.
e) A young couple who were farmers from Scotland who listened intently while we explained the gospel. 

This list is typical of the variety we meet at the market.
Please, once again, pray for all the people we met and the reading of the flipper flappers, the tracts and booklets will lead to the people putting their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.

Robert McGibbon  and  Tom O'Donnell.

Keswick Market - January 2019

posted 22 Jan 2019, 07:26 by Stephen Hind

We were pleased the Lord gave us a dry day although very cold.

January on Keswick Market is traditionally quiet but we were surprised to share the Gospel with so many. A special Bus trip from Kirkby Stephen arrived giving John the opportunity to speak to so many people he knew and share the Gospel with some who took leaflets.

A was a Nurse from the Wirral with her Mother, both Christians concerned that her son was not living for the Lord. and needs our prayer.

A gentleman in a wheelchair talked for some time saying he was put off by his Catholic upbringing, he took “Reason to Believe” and later accepted the leaflet “10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than Religion”. His wife listened as we shared the Gospel.

A gentleman smartly dressed walked past saying he was brought up in Christian circles but sadly showed no interest. Yet another couple said they were not religious, not believing in God but took “Reason to Believe”.

A couple from Huddersfield with their baby daughter had a bit of banter but we felt they were searching. They left with “Purpose for Life”. They knew Lord Hothfield from Kirkby Stephen area

A group of young people from a church in Stockton said they enjoyed church and coming out and spending time together. We encouraged them to go among the people in the centre of Stockton sharing Coffee and the Gospel with them and they seemed open to this suggestion. 

Two University students from Manchester were really interested and spent some time listening as we explained the Gospel as a relationship giving the “Y” Jesus Gospel booklet. We felt this could be a turning point in their lives.

2 girls talked , one saying she was a pagan and atheist, we said she must have great faith, we encouraged them to consider Jesus rather than Humanism and Buddhism.

A young man from Turkey now living in London spoke and accepted “Which Way”.

We had so many other people who accepted leaflets and spoke. Keith used the Flippa Flappa with children and also used two cards asking them to guess which is the biggest – an optical illusion but a great opportunity to interact with people and share the Gospel.

We left thankful to the Lord that we had so many opportunities to share the way of salvation with people from all over the country.

Keith Dayman and John Heron.

Keswick Market - 20 October 2018

posted 14 Nov 2018, 05:27 by Stephen Hind

It felt like just another day on the market but each time we go we are amazed at the people who visit this Lake District town and the places they come from, they take back with them the Good News so this goes to many towns and cities in Britain, indeed to many parts of the World too.

Our first visitors to the stall were a married couple of Jehovah's Witnesses from the Preston Area.  The lady came first and picked up several tracts and accepted the calendar I offered, but put the tracts back. never the less, Tom continued to talk with her for some time.  When her husband turned up, he appeared to be more knowledgeable in the Scriptures and I talked with him concerning God, the Creator and Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit..  He rejected my affirmation that God came to earth in the person of Jesus who was born, Emmanuel, God with us.  Please pray for this lady who was open to understanding Gods Word. We pray that the verses on the  calendar will lead her to trust Jesus as her Saviour.

Keswick was extremely busy with it being the school half term holiday. Children came with their parents and heard Gods Good |News and mostly had the same message to take away by means of a tract or a calendar.  One family from Wales stayed for some time and the little girl was glad to have the disc of Mary Jones and her Bible

So another busy day on the market followed by the task of collecting the car and putting everything back in  when we feel really tired.  Please pray for this work. Each time we go we feel conscious of getting older and the task seems harder. we remember how in the Old Testament Moses arms were held up and the Children of Israel won the battle.  By your prayers, we can be strengthened and people can be reached with Gods Word.

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon 

Keswick Market - 15 September 2018

posted 14 Nov 2018, 05:22 by Stephen Hind

Yet another fine day. Our first visitors were 3 ladies from Tyneside, 3 generations, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter who had just finished University at Newcastle, none of them were Christians so we encouraged the daughter to attend Jesmond Parish Church as she lives nearby, knowing she would meet young Christians, she was really open to the idea and also took “Reason to Believe.”

“S” a middle aged gentleman from Derbyshire who had done research in Lead Mines at Alston happily took “Purpose of Life.”

Yet another couple from Newcastle in their 20’s spent some time listening as we shared the Gospel and encouraged them in the words of the leaflet “Start over Again.”

“Y” a young lady from Notting Hill, we gave her the 1 million pound bill. This lady attended the Unitarian church. After we talked we gave her “Start over Again” and she asked us for “Why Jesus”.

Another lady from Halifax with children listened as we explained the Gospel with the Flippa Flopper and a card and she accepted the “Start over Again” leaflet.

A 10yr. old boy had a great time at the Guessing Box, not to mention the sweets, he took away the “Josh and Jade” leaflets. His Dad was across at the Hotel, John went across to speak to him discovering he was living in Gateshead, he as a former alcoholic and now helping others who were addicted to alcohol and helping them to get back into employment. John suggested that to know Jesus and experience the New Birth would be a blessing and a real help. He took a number of leaflets which would be helpful to him and people he works among and we told him he could contact us if he needed more literature.

Two ladies on a bus trip called at the stall, “A” said “Guess where I am from”, John said Romania which was right, she was surprised John knew many places in her country, she was from a Romanian Orthodox church and her friend from an Indian Orthodox church. What a joy to share the real Gospel to these two ladies who were from a religious background.

Just before the time on the market ended, we met a more local couple from Workington, they accepted “Reason to “Believe.”

It was a day when the sun shone and we trust the Gospel of God’s Son shone into the many cold and empty hearts.

Jim McCallam and John Heron

Westmorland Show - 13 September 2018

posted 14 Nov 2018, 05:21 by Stephen Hind

Unusually the forecast for the Show was good although we did have a few light showers. Barry had an early start arriving at the show ground with the Van shortly after 7 a.m.

There was a great attendance at the show, many local children having the day off school to attend the show. We often had 5 or 6 children standing around the Guessing Box waiting their turn which was such an opportunity to share the Gospel with so many children and then leaving them with a sweet and a Gospel leaflet – Josh and Jade. As usual the flippa floppa was well received, one teacher asking if she could have one with the tract “How to have a Best Friend”, to use back at school.

Two well mannered 15yr. old boys asked questions saying they were not sure if they could believe someone they could not see, we asked if they had seen love or we cannot see the wind which was blowing in our faces but we could experience the effects of these things. They showed real interest and they accepted a number of booklets including “God’s Story”, “Start over Again”, “Happiness and “Reason to Believe.”

John had a talk to a lady whose Mother was forced to go along to the Catholic church and therefore had not introducing her daughter to any church, we explained the difference between religion and Christianity.

A Christian lady from Arnside had a long talk to Barry and she was involved in helping a number of people – we offered a number of booklets which would be helpful such as “Help I can’t face Tomorrow” and “Finding Peace”.

John met a couple from Kirkby Stephen who never attend church but work a lot in the community and gave them “Purpose of Life.”

It was a joy to meet so many children from Kendal and Lancashire, some young people who attend our Youth Events at Kirkby Stephen, Isabel staying to help a while with children at the Guessing Box.

Barry talked to a lady who was a Christadelphian who did not believe that Jesus was the only Son of God but she did ask if we knew of any Study Groups.

Visitors attended the Show from as far away as Leicester and Norfolk.

Much precious seed was sown into hundreds of hearts – do pray that little seed will fall by the wayside but much on good ground. As we come to the end of 2018 Show season, we look back with thankfulness to all those who have helped in the work to make a Gospel witness to thousands of lost souls in our County.

Barry Cummings, David Johnston, John Heron.

Keswick Market - 24 August 2018

posted 14 Nov 2018, 05:19 by Stephen Hind

It was great to be at Keswick on a fine sunny day and see so many children taking a turn at the Guessing Box and have the joy of sharing the Gospel with people from around the world. 

Our first visitors were a family living in Israel when we had an interesting talk with them.

Two young ladies from Manchester who never attended church but showed real interest as we spoke of the Lord and they took “God’s Story” along with Romans and John’s Gospel.

A lady was searching in the Guessing Box. John asked her if she was to stand at the Gate of Heaven why should God let her in – Oh I don’t know she replied. It really made her think saying “I will call again later” - she never returned.

Two children at the Guessing Box along with their parents who lived near Penrith but no church connections, we suggested to them to go to the Church in the Barn as there are so many young people in the church.

Another two young people from Alnwick spoke to us and listened while we explained how to be saved and reach Heaven.

We then had a long chat with two African ladies from Liverpool, one of the ladies was a psychiatrist, they took leaflets including “It Just Happened.”

A number of Christians stopped by and one couple said they were hoping to attend Penrith Gospel Hall.

It was good to have Tom O’Donnell drop in and help us for a while, we appreciate Tom making Flippa Floppers Optical Illusion cards which are a great tool in evangelism.

Later a couple from the North East who were hoping to get married mentioned she was a catholic. “F” was a protestant, we gave Dick Keogh’s testimony CD and other leaflets.

A tiring day but one of great opportunity.

Jim McCallam and John Heron.

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