Westmorland Show – September 2019

Post date: Sep 17, 2019 2:24:0 PM

The Westmorland show was on a day that rained almost non-stop. But despite the weather and thick mud underfoot, we had great joy in seeing many adults receive tracts. It was a special delight that numerous groups of school children on school trips heard the Gospel message after playing the Guessing Game whilst teachers and parents listened on and were very happy for the children to take the tracts specially written for the young.

Early in the day David had a long talk with a farmer who had travelled over from the Isle of Man to assist at the show. He had no church connections but was very willing to stop and talk and happy to accept a ‘’God’s Story’’ when he left. Barry and John also had some long talks with a number of adults and despite the almost non-stop rain that fell on the show field many appeared to be very ready to accept a tract and/or talk. The rain seemed to generate a spirit of comradeship as all were equally soaked as they trudged through the mud.

So despite the weather and mud it was a glorious day. The joy God gave us was wonderful and I’m sure the public were affected by our joy, especially as we were somewhat bedraggled! What a privilege to be part of that work. The knowledge that these souls are without hope and afraid of death should fill us with compassion and compel us to share with them the wonderful gospel message.

Malcom and Ruth Collins, Barry Cummings, John Heron and David Johnston