Westmorland Show - September 2009

Post date: Sep 13, 2009 5:56:8 PM

Gordon Egglestone has kindly provided this report from the Westmorland Show. A glorious day with sunshine, blue sky and a crowd of almost 30,000.It was good to have the support of my wife and Tom and Margaret Dawson from Ulverston at various times of the day as by 10.00am the number of people visiting us increased steadily. The first visitor was an Indian who read through “Why Jesus” before asking questions but saw no reason to give his allegiance to Christianity, Hinduism or any other faith.

During the day I spoke to over 70 people, a mixture of believers and unbelievers and a lot of children tried the guessing box. The UCB publications –Extreme and Book of Hope are particularly useful for teenagers, “Journey into Life” and “Why Jesus “ great for general give away. The Radio Bible Class publications which answer specific points are a real help and the Daily notes as popular as ever.

It was good to have the folk from RBC visit the van, we are so grateful for the supply of literature and for the offer of new titles- many thanks!

Trying to encapsulate the times shared with others is not always easy, but a few instances stand out. The two lads who asked for a Bible after a short chat about choices-the New Testament going to Nepal and the gentleman who had been resucitated three times and felt he had much to thank God for. Chatting with a ‘biker’ who confessed that he was not a believer but had notice the clear testimony of members of the “Christian Bikers Association” (Not every bearded, leather jacketed biker need be seen as a threat-some of them are doing a great work for God in areas which would no doubt scare us.) It was a privilege to pray with a lady experiencing a difficult time in her life and not being a believer feeling she had no where to turn. WE talked about Jesus as comforter and counsellor.She was nervous about being prayed for but decided we should pray and afterwards thanked me with tears. I was reminded of how difficult it must be for unchurched folk to understand why we do things like praying, those are things we take for granted are unusual to many.

Prayer was requested – “Just pray for Jim who has been struggling with doubt for the last three months.

Getting off site was a slow job but gave opportunity for a quick visit from Tim Farron, our local MP in the south of the county. Tim has a great testimony and seeks to be light and salt in parliament – please pray for Tim .

So, the end of a fruitful day, thanks to all who visited the van with a word of encouragement, those who spelled me off from time to time- but it’s only just begun- seed needs watering with our prayers.

Gordon Egglestone - Westmorland show 10th Sept 2009