Westmorland Show - 13 September 2018

Post date: Nov 14, 2018 1:21:30 PM

Unusually the forecast for the Show was good although we did have a few light showers. Barry had an early start arriving at the show ground with the Van shortly after 7 a.m.

There was a great attendance at the show, many local children having the day off school to attend the show. We often had 5 or 6 children standing around the Guessing Box waiting their turn which was such an opportunity to share the Gospel with so many children and then leaving them with a sweet and a Gospel leaflet – Josh and Jade. As usual the flippa floppa was well received, one teacher asking if she could have one with the tract “How to have a Best Friend”, to use back at school.

Two well mannered 15yr. old boys asked questions saying they were not sure if they could believe someone they could not see, we asked if they had seen love or we cannot see the wind which was blowing in our faces but we could experience the effects of these things. They showed real interest and they accepted a number of booklets including “God’s Story”, “Start over Again”, “Happiness” and “Reason to Believe.”

John had a talk to a lady whose Mother was forced to go along to the Catholic church and therefore had not introducing her daughter to any church, we explained the difference between religion and Christianity.

A Christian lady from Arnside had a long talk to Barry and she was involved in helping a number of people – we offered a number of booklets which would be helpful such as “Help I can’t face Tomorrow” and “Finding Peace”.

John met a couple from Kirkby Stephen who never attend church but work a lot in the community and gave them “Purpose of Life.”

It was a joy to meet so many children from Kendal and Lancashire, some young people who attend our Youth Events at Kirkby Stephen, Isabel staying to help a while with children at the Guessing Box.

Barry talked to a lady who was a Christadelphian who did not believe that Jesus was the only Son of God but she did ask if we knew of any Study Groups.

Visitors attended the Show from as far away as Leicester and Norfolk.

Much precious seed was sown into hundreds of hearts – do pray that little seed will fall by the wayside but much on good ground. As we come to the end of 2018 Show season, we look back with thankfulness to all those who have helped in the work to make a Gospel witness to thousands of lost souls in our County.

Barry Cummings, David Johnston, John Heron.