Westmorland County Show - September 2010

Post date: Sep 13, 2010 10:17:26 PM

Reckoned to be the county's biggest show, drawing crowds not only from the Farming communities but from many parts of the North and a day trip for many local schools. Last year was busy from start to finish and a contrast to this year or was this because of the number of helpers this year.

Firstly, thanks to David Johnson who brought the van down and had everything set up by the time Rhoda and myself arrived. We were joined by Jim and Jenny McCallum from Kirkby Stephen and extra help means a sit down at lunch time for a leisurely sandwich.

Tract distribution was pretty continuous although we did have a few refusals and what seemed to be lacking this year was the number of in depth discussions with searches. Only two notable exceptions to this, the first a young lady JW whose indoctrination showed through our chat. The other was a father and two sons whose knowledge of the Bible was “is it a bit like The Lord of the Rings?” They refused a Bible and the opportunity to find out for themselves what it was about.

However, a couple related to a local vicar were delighted to make a donation for the one copy of the Bible (Camouflage cover) we had left, incidentally, the one the previous family had refused so we are confident this one will get used.

Despite disappointment over numbers getting involved with discussions it was a real encouragement to meet Christians from various parts of the country and share with them for a short time.

Gordon Eggleston