Westmorland County Show - 11 September 2008

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 11:33:45 PM

We are grateful to our brother Gordon Egglestone for submitting this report on the Westmorland Show:

After a watery start to the week and overnight rain, Thursday morning saw the grey clouds lifting and by 7.00am the few spots of rain stopped and patches of blue began to emerge.

With the unit parked up and the literature displayed we were ready for the first visitors shortly after 8.30am. Keeping a log of every contact proved impossible, as at times there would be several people and a number of children around the van at one time.

Nine new Testaments and three Bibles were given out as well as copies of "Journey into Life" and "Why Jesus". Good discussions with several people including a security guard working on the site, an agnostic biologist with his Christian mother, a city councillor who refused literature but had to admit that her knowledge of moral integrity had its roots in Christianity. Others just took tracts and passed by and seed may fall at the wayside, but let's face it, it won't fall anywhere unless it is sown.

Response from youngsters was great. Some of the children were part of school parties and some with parents. Using the guessing box gave opportunity to tell a simple bible story and leave a poster and lollipop with the children and literature with parents or staff. I was impressed by two lads who had just left school and whilst not very knowledgeable of the scripture were keen to point out they both had a Gideon NT and treated it with respect. Maybe the Bible reading notes they took will encourage then to read it more.

A highlight for me was a group of pupils from a special needs school. Two of the boys listened to the story of David and Goliath and promptly went to tell the member of staff all about this. When the staff came over we presented the kids with posters and they wanted another story and then wanted us to come down to their school and tell them more stories. So contact details left with staff and who knows where this may lead.

Encouragement from fellow believers exhibiting and visiting the show is always welcome as is the help given on the van itself. Our special thanks to John Cartmell, Martin and Margaret Walkingshaw for their help during the show. It was a busy show and needed resourcing properly, so many thanks

The security guard seen at the start of the show was on traffic duty as we left the show ground. It was good to here him shout "God bless yer mate and keep it up"

With God's help may we do so.

Gordon Egglestone