Silloth Vintage Rally - June 2011

Post date: Sep 03, 2011 12:1:57 PM

What a difference a day makes. The weather was what we Cumbrians call “missly. ” That is fine rain that soaks you right through. We set up at 8-30am and decided it was no use having tables with tracts at all. We used the racks on the van with what we thought were the most dramatic looking tracts and booklets and a bible. The boards were out and drew attention to what we stood for.

The guessing box was placed on a table but not even used once. All the children were either at home or cooped up in a tent with their parents. However we met a lady who was going to visit Sarah whom we know from her “Open Doors” outreach in Silloth. This was delighted to see the van there and gave us much encouragement.

We spoke now and again to two ladies nearby who were selling mobile homes. They had only recently come to live in the area. Sadly customers were thin on the ground for them too. Robert had a long chat with a council worker who was happy to take some tracts. As we found out later on, this same chap had worked alongside the late Edward Hodgson and had had many conversations with him about the Lord.

A man from Newcastle called Alan had visited for the day, using his free pensioners’ bus pass. He had told his daughter, “The undertakers won’t catch me because I run too fast!” What an opening. I was able to pass on a text card, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” Mark 8 v 36. As we were closing a lady called. She was from the Lancashire coast and had remembered missions in Silloth led from Silloth Mission Church. Robert could remember being on the team and they talked of many leaders, some now gone to glory. She seemed fresh and bright and now worshipped at a Methodist Church.

Overall a really wet day. But the Lord brought those he wanted us to witness to, to encourage or to remind of the seed sown earlier, by some other believer.

Robert and Moira McGibbon.