Silloth Vintage Car Rally - June 2015

Post date: Sep 22, 2015 10:1:29 PM

Normally, as we approach a show ground, we question what the weather is like and will we get stuck in mud. No problem at Silloth ever! The ground is so sandy and well drained. Next thought is where will we be placed, very often in a remote corner but not this year: we were right next to the ring on view from everywhere on the green. We were so full of hope for a busy time. Robert would have a point of contact with the owners of the vintage cars, then have a chance of pointing to their need of the Saviour.

Mr N a retired farmer and jaguar owner talked over his involvement in Silloth Church and one time membership in Carlisle male Voice Choir. He lamented the change in ways of man when each thinks he is right and not what is Gods way for man.

Robert talked with a man from Annan who was showing his Herald. He'd had a bad car accident and followed by a stroke made him unfit for work, yet he managed a living buying up tractors and renovating them.

Still youngsters come, " Miss you, 'teached' me! " At least these visitors came round to the front instead of what avoiding seeing us by walking out of the way round the back.

A Chinese lady visited and told of attending Bible study group for the past 3 months, she felt she didn't know enough about the Bible to attend church.We need to remind this Christian Leader of the house meeting to invite her soon.

One man was very troubled since the passing of his wife. He was a relation of friends. We gave him, " Living with Loss." We all need to pray for him and his believing relations.

A Scottish lady staying at the Golf Hotel in Silloth was still grateful for a large print Bible given to her by David Locke whilst working on the van some time ago. She opened conversation saying medically she had heard she should have been dead by now. What an opportunity to ask if she knew where her final resting place was to be? We gave her the tract, " Life after Death."

Overall our day showed we were just another link in the chain. We felt joined in the past with Phil Widdison and John Knight and their witness with the van right here on the green. Friends from Silloth Mission made the effort to come out just to encourage us. Please pray for the work, we never know where the tracts and leaflets will end up or who will read and believe.

Robert and Moira McGibbon