Silloth Show - June 2009

Post date: Jul 03, 2009 12:4:34 AM

Robert McGibbon and Tom O'Donnell have kindly provided this report from the Silloth Show.

Tom and I arrived on Saturday morning at about quarter to nine. The weather was so much better than last year when there was constant rain. The secretary allocated our place on the middle row behind the main ring. We pulled up just behind a couple who had a caravan for the woman to tell fortunes from and the man had a stall for selling toys. This man first complained that we weren't straight and in line so we put that right, then he could be heard to say, "The opposition has arrived!" He must have read what it said on the van! At first we had thought that the site was poor but the Lord whose plans are perfect, had put us in a place of His choosing and we went on to have a wonderful day. So we then set about setting the tables with tracts Bibles etc out and the weather continued to be brilliant.

TOM did some tricks with a length of rope and this got us quite a crowd. The trick involved three tubes: one white, one red and one black. He was able to remove the black tube leaving the red and white ones still on the rope. Tom told the people how the blood of Jesus could cleanse and remove our sin and make use right before GOD.

We continued to have a good number of people visiting the stall. We were given 12 New Testaments from the gentleman who had bought the old CGO unit. He said that he had bought them in a job lot and would we like to have them? A young lad from the Aspatria Army Cadets was happy to take a "camouflage cover" New Testament.

I spoke to a RE teacher who took some literature which she said would be good in her lessons. I told her to read them herself and that they weren't just stories for kids. Later a nurse came and asked if she could take a tract. She lived in Carlisle but worked in Kendal. I asked her if she had a Bible and she said she had. We also had a young girl from Egremont who had visited the stall last year. Many children tried the guessing box and parents and grandparents looked on. Towards the end of the day Moira had a long conversation with a lady Methodist minister who was impressed with the good tracts we had. She left with addresses for Tellit and Attracts. Then a man from a nearby catering stall from Parr Street at Kendal came to encourage us. He had seen how busy we had been! In fact I think we had given out more literature and tracts than I have ever distributed on any day before with CGO.

Robert McGibbon and Tom O'Donnell.