Silloth Show - 11 June 2018

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 8:22:32 PM

This year at Silloth we were trying out using the gazebo for a shelter for the stall. It was needs must because this year the dates clashed and the van was in was being used at Appleby Horse Fair. It was amazing how we managed to get all the gear in the car boot along with the folded up gazebo and tables. It turned out to be very busy indeed : people just kept on coming. As ever, the guessing box seems to draw the children and at Silloth they sometimes come alone and sometimes with parents but yet it gives a great opportunity to present the gospel.

Silloth Show is one of the smallest shows we attend, yet it is so well attended with vintage cars, tractors, steam engines and so many stalls selling parts for cars and lots of food vans with burgers and tea, ice cream and pop! Overall we had a much more important task for the day of making Jesus known.

As one young man was trying to guess items in the guessing box, and to recall the items connections with the Bible, his mother explained that her son was learning so much but really they were Catholics. we had the joy of telling her that we were not there to tell of a religion to follow, but for to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

This year we were grateful for the help of Ray who lives and works in Silloth to help with assembling the gazebo and Pat who also worships at Silloth Mission, enjoyed meeting quite a number of people.

Do pray that each flipper-flapper, each tract given out, and each spoken word will be used by the Lord to draw people to himself, Please pray for this show and others to be still held this Summer, that Gods Message of Salvation will be clearly sent out and received.

David Johnston and Robert McGibbon