Shows and Markets 2014 Annual Report

Post date: Apr 07, 2015 12:27:21 PM

Keswick Market

Over the last year we have seen the Lord's hand working in many people’s lives. Those of us who take a turn manning the stall on a Saturday all can tell of real blessing as we listen to others that have had their lives changed by the renewing power of The Lord Jesus Christ. We have heard amazing testimonies of Christians and of those who are searching for the truth. What a joy it is when believers from around the world come with a word of encouragement or are searching for Christian Fellowship.

The work is still continuing throughout the year but, on a personal note, it gets even more difficult each market. It is not difficult to witness for Christ but it is the physical trials that encumber each one of us as we get older. As from the end of September 2014 I relinquished my duties as Market coordinator and trust that the work will be able to go on in some form for the future. The post is demanding and certainly needs the stamina of a younger man to endure the winters that we have been experiencing over recent years. The door is open and I pray that The Lord will continue to use this work for the extension of His Kingdom.

Skelton Show

Having missed the last two shows here at Skelton we so looked forward to this show. It is on a big scale, well organised and we have a good feeling of acceptance amongst all the organising team and other stall holders. It was a lovely day with warm sunshine and huge crowds attending. We had many visiting the stall and then quickly passing by, but we did have quite a few that engaged in good conversation.

  1. One lady who was truly born again came and shared with us about her church and how she felt an outsider. We spent much time talking to her and she was encouraged to know and understand that each member of each fellowship had an equal standing in the Church. This was backed up with leaflets about assurance.

  2. We had quite a few children visiting the stall but three children stand out as being interested and asked for a small insignificant tract called “The most important message of your life”

  3. A couple from Lancaster who rear Swaledale sheep visited the stall after hearing about the work and we had good conversations with them.

  4. A young lad came and asked us what the mark was on the side of the Gospel van. After speaking more intently with him, we realised it was the text from Marks gospel Mark 16:15 “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL” That was a reminder to us of why we needed to be there.

  5. We received great encouragement from the nearby Tea tent run by the local Methodist church including free cups of tea and biscuits. It’s great to have fellowship with all those who love the Lord.

Keswick Show

This was held in a new venue in 2014 away from the field just coming out of Keswick with all its problems. It was actually in Braithwaite just along from the Cumbria Christian youth camp field. The day was nice and sunny but very cold for the end of August. We kept our layers of coats and woollies on. It was so busy that the stall was just crowded on several occasions and people were just taking the free tracts, bibles and DVD’s without us able to converse with them.

  1. We had long conversations with Tony who professed salvation , believed the Old Testament, but couldn't really accept the New Testament. We guided him into the truth of the New Testament explaining that there was no Salvation without the Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ, of the New Testament Sacrifice.

  2. An older Gentleman who held office in the Local Church realised when seeing the Van and conversing with us that he had to change his ways and live his life differently. He was a gracious man but obviously had issues in his own life that needed sorted. Maybe just like each one of us reading this report our lives are not perfect and we need to keep coming back to the Saviour and getting back on course.

  3. A young girl wanted the tract about Earthquakes and asked about “Why God allows suffering and wars and young people dying. She wasn't convinced by anything that was said to her and when it was explained to her what Christ had done for each one of us her reply was “Is that all!” Yes Christ did give his ALL for each one of us when he died on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

  4. A Christian lady from Germany came reluctantly with her friend to the Show but when she saw the Gospel Van she was overawed. All day she couldn't keep away and kept coming back to talk with us and look at the display. It made her day, in the most beautiful setting imaginable and she went away with ideas of doing something like this when she got home.

Hesket New Market

This was a much quieter show but nevertheless we still had good conversations and people went away with a tract or God’s Word in their hands.

  1. A local man who was an upright Anglican came to the stall. By speaking to him we realised that he never knew anything about the Plan of God or why the Crucifixion. He was very interested and afterwards thanked us most sincerely for our help in showing him the right way.

  2. The Stall holder next to us was very friendly and we had good conversations with him.

  3. The local Christians have a stall and they are happy working alongside us on the show ground.

Eskdale Show

This was the last show of the season but very worthwhile and quite a witness as the van was prominently displayed at the entrance to the field. It was a nice day in lovely surroundings and just a joy to be able to be there.

  1. A young man stood for a long time looking at one of the tracts about Freedom. It was difficult to get a conversation with him but he went away with a leaflet called “Set Free”

  2. A Dutch couple came over from their holiday venue in Kendal for the day to Eskdale. Before arriving they decided to go to see a church in Kendal where they heard singing. They were most impressed when they realised that they had just been to a funeral. We told them that we knew whose funeral it was and all about the family. They were encouraged by the Gospel Van and said that nothing like this witness would ever happen in Holland. They said that this sort of show was non existent. How fortunate we are in Cumbria that we have such an opportunity to witness to people from all over the world and in every circumstance of life.

Let us just pray that this door might remain open and that we will still have opportunities in the days that lie ahead as we await the sure return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eric and Daphne Bouch