Reports on Keswick Market – Summer and Autumn 2011

Post date: Dec 16, 2011 1:25:13 AM

We greatly look forward to the Keswick Market each month which is so challenging and exciting meeting people from all over the U.K. and abroad not knowing who you will meet and what questions will be raised and folks genuinely seeking God. It is good to meet many Christians who drop by and encourage as we share the Good News.

A couple from Palestine, practicing Muslims spent time talking to us with their children – they had been studying in the U.K. and were so open as we shared the Gospel.

A couple from Shields with a broad North East accent were happy to take tracts.

Another couple, from Hull, stayed and chatted and when we asked about their faith, they agreed they were not born again and on sharing how to be saved, they took the booklet “Why Jesus”.

Another couple called at the stall, the gentleman talked about Christianity but the lady described herself as an Athiest. We were pleased when she accepted “10 Reasons to Believe in God.

A young couple in their 20’s listened so well as John explained their need of Jesus as the only Saviour, pray they will both see the need as they read the booklet “Journey into Life”.

Jim and John

Ben who told us he had his own beliefs, was visiting Keswick on his travels through the U.K. He listened well as we shared with him how to become a Christian as he had not previously been told and promised to read “Why Jesus”.

We also gave literature to a family from Hong Kong followed by a couple from Uganda.

A German couple studying in Durham University, the lady said she was a Roman Catholic but not a regular Church goer and we explained you can be forgiven through Jesus alone and this dear couple took tracts.

Ron and John

A business man from China asked for a New Testament and “10 Reasons to Believe in the Bible”. He commented that there were many young people in China becoming Christians. This young man was pleased to take other booklets and Daily Bread in Chinese.

We also had the joy of sharing with a Japanese lady who was a practising Buddhist. We attempted to explain the contrast between Buddhism and Christianity – ours being a living Saviour.

Two young men from Sunderland asked for the tract “Time after Time” and some other booklets. They were really seeking and wanted to know about Life after Death.

A Christian couple from Ashton, near Wigan, called to see us having read about Cumbrian Gospel Outreach on the web site.

A young 12 year old who was deaf and using a special hearing aid, said he wanted a Bible and Books when his Father commented to him that its only about God but still he insisted he wanted a Bible and tracts, please pray for this him.

A teacher asked for tracts for herself and granddaughter.

A man from Sunderland was really seeking and took the booklet “Which Way to God”.

We are often overwhelmed by the deep need of some who call at the stall. A mother and two daughters came to talk, one daughter was suffering from breast cancer and the other from M.S. We helped all we could and they took leaflets “God’s Care”, they all need our prayers.

One young man with his friends commented his life was drugs and drink and he would think about God one day – pray it will be soon.

We value your continued prayers as we point many to the Lord Jesus at Keswick.

Jim McCallam, Ron Marston, and John Heron