Penrith Show - Summer 2012

Post date: Aug 13, 2012 12:29:37 PM

The weather for the show started off fine and bright but during the afternoon an occasional shower meant that some of our display literature had to be removed into the van. This however did not prevent some good contacts being made and many tracts and pieces of Christian literature being distributed.

A conversation with a Christadelphian was held during which he tried to say that ‘we all believed the same’. However after further discussion he admitted that he did not accept what the Bible teaches. After a long conversation he left with some literature but still denying the truth.

It appeared that a Roman Catholic gentleman came to talk because he was bored. He was happy to talk about Christianity in general but when the application of the Gospel was presented he was reluctant to listen and departed.

Towards the end of the show a trader who was selling coffee, was having problems getting her generator into her unit when we helped her which she appreciated and we witnessed to her and her mother. JH spoke to her mother at length and explained the Gospel, her interest was such that she was given a telephone no. and mentioned that Eric did not live very far from them. They said that they would be at the Dalston show and would be looking out for us so that we could have a chat. Do pray the Lord will really speak to this dear lady and her daughter.

A couple spent some time talking and accepted “10 Reasons to Believe” We also had a good talk to a young lady and her sister situated at the next stall which was their first experience of having a stall at a show.

A lady from Fife spent some time talking to JH when he explained that it wasn’t works and goodness that would bring us favour with God – she was genuinely interested as we explained that Christ was our only Saviour and took “10 Reasons to Believe in Christ “ rather than religion and “Why Jesus”.

3 boys came along to speak to us remembering that we had spoken to them last year and happily took some booklets to read.

Three other older lads came and talked asking if they could have a Sports Bible and Jubilee New Testament and it was a joy to give these young men God’s Word.

We appreciated David Johnston. joining us late in the afternoon with the purpose of returning the Van to his home.

John Stewart and John Heron