Penrith Show - July 2017

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 4:46:25 PM

Over the last few years the weather has been kind to us at the Annual Penrith Show but not this year with heavy rain forecast.

Our position for the Van on the Showground was changed this year, one side of us being near the Marquee for Penrith Town Band. Until the Band arrived later in the day, we were able to speak to a number of people sheltering from the rain, one was Gerald and his daughter from Dumfries, neither of them attended church and a little sceptical although his daughter was pleased to take “ Eternity Stakes ” and “ Reason to Believe” booklets before she went off to the Horse jumping.

D was attending the Catholic church infrequently but was keen to take a New Testament and “ On the Right Track ” for his wife which is Romans and John ’s Gospel. They had deaths in the family and asked for Our Daily Bread publication “ Living with Loss “.

Joy Lamberton from Church in the Barn joined us for a few hours conducting a Survey and witnessing – we were amazed how many people believed in aliens and some who believed in Heaven and Hell yet not believing in God. Asking people to answer questions on the Survey proved to be a great way of interacting with folks and sharing the Gospel.

We had a long talk to a lovely young couple from the Czech Republic and after sharing the Gospel, we gave them “ 10 Reasons to Believe ” and “ The Existence of God. ” Pray that our time spent with them will be a turning point in their lives.

The Guessing Box was well used, two young ladies working on the Stall opposite promoting a Hotel were intrigued with the Guessing Box – they asked many questions, we felt they were so open to the Gospel that we gave them both a DVD and booklets.

Eventually the sun appeared but despite the many showers, we have made many contacts and shared with so many including children. John visited a stall holder he spoke to last year, he gave a welcome and said “ have you come to save us ” - he happily took “ God ‘s Story ” for his wife we spoke to last year. Pray for him, his Wife and Daughter.

It was a challenge to exit the Showground through the mud. We appreciated the Jackson family allowing us to hose the Van down to remove all the mud before leaving for home.

Ron Marston and John Heron