Penrith Show - July 2015

Post date: Sep 11, 2015 12:15:41 PM

Penrith Show was once again favoured with great weather and record attendance, many people still arriving in the late afternoon. Our position at the Show was favourable with a Children’s Bouncy Castle opposite and a Refreshments Van and other Children’s Activities near to us. It was good to share the Gospel with young people who came to the Question Box not forgetting the parents. John met a man from a local area who used to visit his farm on a regular basis, he spent some time with his daughter sharing some of the hard times with family relationships. We were able to share the possibility of the joy of being part of God’s family – Family Matters was one of the Tracts we gave them.

A retired gentleman who was showing Rabbits at the Show shared with us that his Wife’s sister had died and had requested a Humanist funeral although he and his wife were of the Catholic faith. We were able to share regarding the hope of the Christian and life after death – he took daily reading notes and 10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than religion. A Christian couple called to tell us about Christian Literature and website for the Nepalise. A Catholic man talked to Keith saying he was saved and was a member of the Church. A teenager objected to having to attend assemblies at school and some church events with the school, she was quite hostile towards Christianity. Please pray as she reads Reason to Believe she will open her eyes and heart to the Lord.

Two Muslims happily took Literature.

A trader with his stand a little further up the avenue who had called to see us in previous years, said you better visit my wife – she needs the Gospel - when he pointed out where the Stand was situated. John spent nearly half an hour talking about spiritual issues with her while her husband listened. We praise the Lord for her open heart – her daughter in America had phoned to say she was going to start attending church when she returns. This lady accepted a number of tracts and we promised to keep in touch – please pray that the whole family will find the Lord.

A Christian friend that John knew from Derbyshire who had been to Keswick Convention was attending the Show and witnessing to people he met and asked for a Bible for a young farmer who had been expressing an interest and promised to read it and he had also been talking to some 14 yr. old young people who took tracts and we were only too happy to see others sharing the Word. We praise the Lord for many opportunities afforded to us to share the Good News.

Keith Dayman and John Heron