Penrith Show - 28 July 2018

Post date: Aug 02, 2018 6:59:26 PM

Once again the rain descended on Penrith Show as it did last year. Ron Marston and I were joined by Joy Emerson and friends, we appreciated their help and fellowship.

Many young people called at the Guessing Box leaving with a “lolly” and children’s booklets, not forgetting the parents who accepted leaflets i.e. “Family Matters” and one such couple, the lady was a Vet and he was a GP. Another couple with the children said they would attend Church in the Barn.

Many farmers stopped to talk, two had won prizes, one with the Dairy Cattle and the other with his Sheep. The leaflet “Faith in Farming” was good to give to these farmers.

A couple called along with the girls, not forgetting the Alsatian dog, Mother had lots of questions about Suffering in the World and religion. After quite a long chat they decided to go but not before we gave them booklets including “God’s Story.”

Some young people from Germany accepted “It Just Happened”. At one point a number of people were standing around the Van including a Christian Police Officer and two support officers who accepted “What’s the Point”. We also had a chat with the Show President and his friends.

A lady who had been helping on a nearby stall asked what the literature was about when we told her it was Christian, her opposition was soon evident as she scorned belief in the Bible and God, she left without any help but we had spoken and left her “Good Reasons why the Bible was true” and “God was real.”

In contrast, we visited another stall where a number of ladies were promoting their business, one saying I believe in God and go to Church and said she thought it brought real meaning to your life. “N” was not so convinced and asked many questions. What a privilege to share the Gospel with this young lady, we encouraged her to speak to her step-father who attended church . We gave her a gospel fob which is a 5 minute recorded Gospel message. Please pray as she listens and reads the booklet that this will be a real turning point in her life.

Although the attendance at the Show was disappointing as a result of the wind and rain, we were blessed to have had the privilege of introducing so many to the Gospel – thank you for your prayers.

John Heron.