Penrith Show – 27 July 2013

Post date: Aug 01, 2013 1:33:26 PM

Attended by Keith Dayman and John HeronWe were blessed with a warm sunny day with the exception of a shower of rain. Our allocated site was at the end of an avenue with a Children’s Bouncy Castle opposite, Coffee and Burger stall near not to mention an Ice Cream van a few yards away – a great position!!

Our first visitors were a couple who discussed practices of different churches but the lady was particularly interested in Infant Baptism and Believers` Baptism and thanked us for explaining the difference. They accepted the booklet on “Life’s Important Questions! explaining salvation.

A 14 yr. old young man from Askham who was genuinely interested, waited for us to speak to him, asking questions and readily accepting “Y-Jesus” and “Reasons to Believe”.

A lady from Alston with two children, spent time at the van as the eldest girl listened as John shared the Gospel with the aid of the “Flipper flopper”.

A.and E. Two 10yr.olds, were thrilled to look at the stall and take a number of booklets, bookmarks and pictures.

A smartly dressed young lady came and shared how she was studying religion and had been involved in a project about Life after Death, also Hinduism. We had a very interesting talk to this lady who was seeking God and left with 4 titles of the Radio Bible Class booklets i.e. “10 Reasons to Believe.”

John met a couple along with their daughter who he knew but had not seen for years and was getting married soon which was the one time she would be attending church, she accepted a booklet.

P, a pleasant gentleman who has lost his mother and had experienced many disappointments in life was unsure if there was life after death – we spent some time trying to explain to him and understand how God had a purpose for his life giving him tracts which could help.

D, a lady who John had met previously on Penrith Market who lives near Penrith and part of the travelling community, took the CD “The Long Road Home”, she also took two booklets for her friend and herself of the story of Gypsy Smith.

A lady from Germany mentioned she was a Catholic but after talking a while took tracts for herself and the children.

A group of 6 teenagers whom John had spoken to 2 years ago, had many questions - Did God exist, is the Bible true and many more, others stood by listening as we sort to answer the questions and after 30 minutes, they took tracts giving them much to think about. Pray they will remember their Creator in their youth.

It was an encouragement to meet many local Christians and others from Northern Ireland , also many friends including a brother saved at Appleby Show last year.

Toward the end of the day, a lady from Penrith talked to Keith describing herself as a White Witch, she spent much time looking at the literature before choosing “10 Reasons to Believe”, “Life after Death” and “Purpose of Life.”

We praise God for the opportunity to sow the seed in so many lives, too numerous to mention all of them in this report.

Please pray the Lord will speak to all these dear people through his Word.

John Heron