Penrith Show - 24 July 2010

Post date: Aug 10, 2010 11:59:29 PM

David Johnstone and John Heron have kindly provided this report from the Penrith Show

Shortly after arriving on site we talked to a couple erecting the nearby stall and were able to help carrying some of their heavier displays. During the day they shared how they had gone through difficult times with the business and we were able to share about the Lord Jesus. As we helped them at the end of the day, we were thrilled to have met them and leave them with ‘Y’ Jesus and other leaflets as the lady promised to read them.

Mid morning, an elderly gentleman shared how he had lost his Wife last year and was feeling the loss so much and took away the booklet ‘Living with Loss.’

Two teenage girls spent some time discussing why they didn’t believe in God and left us with tracts giving them much food for thought.

Other children visited the van and tried the ‘Guessing Box.’ We also shared the Gospel with the Flippa Floppas and accompanying tract with a number of young people. A couple looking on were so impressed with the way the young people listened to the Gospel, asked if they could have one to introduce it to their own church.

We look forward to a time of reaping having sown much seed.

David Johnstone and John Heron.