Penrith Show 2016

Post date: Sep 09, 2016 8:18:38 AM

Amazingly 12 months has passed since we last attended Penrith Show, once again we were blessed with good weather. A retired gentleman we met last year came to the stall with his Wife and Daughter and her children. We were able to talk about the Lord and gave the daughter “God’s Story”.

We were again met by a stall holder who we have talked to the previous year. A said “have you come to save our souls”, his daughter had had the traumatic experience of being in an airport when there was bombing again we gave a DVD and “God’s Story” – pray for this family that contacts in the past and again this year will bear fruit.

A couple from Barrow said they never went to church, we talked about the purpose of life and they accepted a tract of that title.

Many people we met were from up the Eden Valley, one couple whose father we knew was happy to talk and take some tracts – pray this young couple who have never heard the gospel, will be reached for the Lord.

A retired gentleman- K - who had worked all his life in the borders, stopped and talked, we sensed he wasn’t happy with God – sadly he had lost all three of his wives to cancer, you can imagine how he felt. He knew a number of Christians in the past that we knew. We felt although he was so hurt with such loss, he listened as we shared God’s love, he took a leaflet to help him and point him to the Lord and left us after talking 45 minutes.

Some young mothers and children who were part of the travelling community came and asked for a Bible and we also gave them tracts for their friends who were not Christians and a DVD.

Other visitors came and children from the North East and even a couple from Iceland, not forgetting others from the south of the county. All were pleased to accept the tracts we gave them. Please pray for some who refused to take tracts. Again we were encouraged by a visit from the Emerson family who attend the Church in the Barn.

Once again much seed was sown in the hearts of young and old – would you water it with your prayers?

Ron Marston and John Heron