Penrith Market - Summer 2008

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 10:11:21 PM

We are grateful to our brother Syd Nixon for submitting this report on Penrith Market

Once again it has been good to join with David Locke, working the lovely market town of Penrith, with other helpers from time to time. The site was allocated to us for the farmers markets: it is in a good position but for the other three weeks we were at a different location.


People have visited the display, but not as many as in previous years. We received encouragement from many Christians who were on holiday, who stopped and browsed over the stall.

During the farmers market a European girl sat down just along from the stall and started to playing an accordion. To the English ears it sounded rather odd, but she was obviously playing a tune from her won country: she had a lovely smile on her face whilst she played. After an hour she started to sing: to us it sounded even worse! After a while I went over to talk to her, after pointing out our stall to her and explaining everything was free she accepted, first a tape and CD, then I offered her a Bible and some notes. At this the girl pointed to the sky and said "Jesus I like", she hugged the Bible and kissed it. When I walked back to the stall I peered through a gap in the canvas and, unknown to her, watched as she looked thriugh the Bible, kissed it again and gave it another hug: she rapped it up carefully and placed it in her bag. Who knows what effect these things will have in her life, maybe she is a Christian, we can only pray that she will read the bible and the notes, and she may know something of the Lord working in her life.

Another day a chef from Pooley Bridge came and gladly accepted a Bible and some notes, he was a foreigner and said he had been here for 12 months and this was the first time he had received something good for free. We also had a visit from a young German couple who gladly received a Bible and New Testament & Psalms, then they had to dash to their coach. During an afternoon, whilst it was raining, a lady, who came from Culgaith, during the convention said she still had a "Lord Wharton Bible" given to her many years ago for memorising portions of Scripture: she said she still read it; this was good to hear.

To all of these suitable literature was offered and accepted: some were directed to the Gospel Hall Penrith.

Syd Nixon