Penrith Market - Spring 2012

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 12:17:52 PM

It was encouraging to be welcomed back to Penrith by a number of folks who had missed the Van.

A lady asked for a Bible that she could use as a tool to witness to an elderly gentleman and also she also took some Gospels and other leaflets.

Two gentlemen came and said that God was the other self-being and that God is in everything. John told him of Mars Hill and how God was revealed through Jesus as that ultimate revelation. They took “Why Jesus” and promised to read it.

A couple from Carlisle took a DVD promising to watch it.

Malcolm and Richard took DVD’s.

D, a man whose Mother had died a couple of months previously took some leaflets and said he would call at the Van again. He commented that he went to a Church School in Lincoln as his father was a Vicar.

This was our first visit to our new location at Penrith which is proving to be better.

The dates allocated to us are: June 26th, July 3rd, July 24th and August 14th and 28th.

Please pray we will be given other opportunities during the Summer at Penrith.

John Stewart and Jim McCallam