North Lonsdale Show - Ulverston - July 2019

Post date: Aug 07, 2019 12:29:25 PM

After a period of fine dry weather it was expected that the show day at Lyndal (Ulverston} would continue the trend and that there would be no difficulty in accessing the allocated pitch for the van on the show field. Unfortunately this was not the case. There had been some heavy overnight rain. and this had left the show field impassable for all transport. Having arrived at the show field at 8.30am, the minor road leading to the show entrance was blocked with standing traffic for approximately 1 mile. Three tractors were fully engaged on towing all vehicles from the road to their allocated pitches. This meant that it was 10am before the display could be set out. The rest of the morning was relatively quiet with few venturing to navigate the mud and wellington boots being a necessary requirement.

The Guessing Box again proved to be the main attraction and particularly for the increasing number of children during the afternoon. As had been found at other shows the knowledge of the scriptures displayed by the children varied greatly with the majority having no knowledge at all of even the well-known stories. Most admitted that they had never read the Bible, don’t go to a Sunday school or Church and had received no teaching from the Bible at school. For many what they heard as they attended the Guessing Box was their first introduction to some of the stories in the Bible and particularly the purpose of the cross. All were given literature suitable for their age and this included either a ‘’Josh and Jade’’ leaflet or a Meet the king booklet. We pray that they might take the time to read what they left with and if need be would ask their parents to read the literature to them if they were unable to read it for themselves. One young girl {either 12 or 13} proudly announced that she was an atheist, although there was some doubt as to her understanding as to what that meant. Sometimes older individuals are attracted to the Box to ‘’try their luck’’. Two ladies in their late teens/early twenties came to try to identify the articles in the ‘’Box’’ While neither of them were believers it soon became apparent that one had a knowledge of the content of the Bible while the other failed to relate any Bible mention of the articles identified.

Barry had the privilege of having a long conversation with a middle aged lady who identified herself as a Muslim convert from Christianity. When she left she accepted the leaflet ‘’For my Muslim Friends’’ This lady later returned for a further conversation.

During the course of the day many gospel leaflets and tracts were handed out. Those with dogs were offered the leaflet ‘’Man’s Best Friend’’, which pictures a dog on the front cover. This usually generated some interest and on occasion led to further conversation. Many other titles were offered and received eg ‘’Family Matters’’ ‘’Eternity Stakes’’ ‘’Finding the Way at the Agricultural Shows’’ A few Catholics who stopped to talk were offered the booklet ‘’What the Catholic Bible Teaches’’ and/or ‘’St Patrick the Man and Message’’

Barry Cummings and David Johnston