North Lonsdale Show - Ulverston - July 2017

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 5:2:49 PM

As the van travelled south to attend the show the sunshine in the North gave way to rain after crossing Shap Fell .On arrival at the showground in Urswick (near Ulverston )the van safely negotiated the field to its allotted pitch .Because of the rain the two stand alone tables were not set out. The rain increased in intensity until approximately 1PM when the sun emerged . This did result in very little activity on the field . There were virtually no members of the public and a number of stallholders simply did not open their stalls to display their wares . In fact a few decided that there was no future in staying and drove off the field. As traders accessed the field with their vans/trailers two tractors were kept busy assisting the vehicles to get to their pitches . This soon resulted in the grass access roads turning into a sea of mud and wellington footwear became a necessity for the rest of the day .

The pitch for the CGO van was next to that of a hospitality tent occupied by members of a local evangelical church . The weather in the morning “dampened” their activity and in the early afternoon they closed up the tent and left .The reason given was that they would get “foot rot “ if they stayed longer. Water had evidently decided to settle in pools in the centre of their tent . A highlight of the morning for CGO was however to hear the neighbours singing choruses and particularly “Our God Reigns “which was repeated a number of times

Visitors to the show were almost non-existent in the morning . CGO did however have an early visit to the Guessing Box of two 9/10 year old boys . One of whom had a good knowledge of the scriptures and attended the local church .The rain and mud appeared to add to their enjoyment and they were later seen riding up and down through the mud on their mountain bikes .

The afternoon brightened up and visitors did appear as the sun shone .A number of children were attracted to the Guessing Box and it was a privilege to test their knowledge of the scriptures and explain the way of salvation . They all left with literature/tracts suitable to their age and interest . One girl who expressed a deep interest left with a new testament and promised to attend a local evangelical church.

A conversation was held with a gentleman who had recently been bereaved of his wife .It appears that his wife was a Christian and attended church . He however did not and he was now interested in understanding what happened after death . He was happy to accept the leaflet “10 Reasons To Believe in Life After Death “ During the afternoon a number of tracts were given out although visitor numbers were much fewer than in previous years .

G Egglestone, D Egglestone, D Johnston