North Lonsdale Show - Ulverston - July 2015

Post date: Sep 14, 2015 12:2:44 PM

After a night of heavy rain some vehicles found the entrance to the showfield challenging and required assistance to make progress . The day however remained hot and sunny and the ground soon dried up. The morning was relatively quiet with most visitors arriving from 11 o`clock onwards . Two early visitors to the CGO stand were a Roman Catholic couple on holiday from the West Midlands .They were particularly interested in the publication “What the Catholic Bible Teaches “. A long and amicable conversation followed where some of the elements of the RC doctrines were compared to what the Bible teaches. They were reminded of the words of the Lord “No man cometh unto the Father but by me“. The large CGO display texts also reminded them “I am the way ----- ”. They were happy to take the publication “What the Catholic Bible Teaches “together with two of the leaflets from the series “ 10 Reasons To Believe “. They left promising to read the literature .

A conversation was held with two ladies who had recently suffered the bereavement of a close family member . They were unsure of what happened after death and were concerned not only for their relatives destiny but also for their own . They were given helpful literature on suffering and on Eternity.

A Christian lady came to request literature setting out the way of salvation. She had a concern for some of her family members who were not believers.She spent some time viewing the literature on display before choosing some leaflets that she thought would be helpful.

During the day a number of Believers (more than usual )visited the display . Many of these were on holiday from other parts of the country (Coventry, Essex , Wales etc ). They came to say how pleased they were to see the CGO witness and to pass on words of encouragement. In addition there were also visits from local Christians . Not far from the CGO pitch a local evangelical church had a tent where the members were serving free teas and coffee . During the course of the morning they visited the CGO stand and gave approximately a dozen NIV copies of Luke`s gospel for distribution .

The Guessing box was again particularly popular with the children and gave opportunities to remind them of the Bible stories and give out suitable literature .

During the day many tracts were given out and conversations held. Pray that the witness given might produce much fruit .

G. Egglestone , D. Johnston