North Lonsdale Show - 29 July 2010 - Keith & Marion Bullock

Post date: Aug 01, 2010 10:13:58 PM

Keith and Marion Bullock have kindly provided this report from the North Lonsdale Show

The morning was showery and only a trickle of people went passed. The afternoon brightened up a little a there were slightly more folk passing the stand.

Didn’t have any long or really deep conversations with anyone all day, but a few people to mention are ....

Mother & daughter: They both stopped and the mother asked what we were about. She said that her daughter (Aged about 10) was always wanting to read the Bible stories. She was asked if she wanted to have a go at the Guessing Box – which she did. This really opened up quite a good conversation with both of them. The mother said that she often thought about spiritual things but hadn’t been to church for a long time. She seemed quite willing to listen to a brief explanation of the gospel, and she tool an Ultimate Questions Booklet. As they lived in Barrow, we mentioned Risedale Hall to them, and the mother said she knew of it. Let’s pray that they may find their way along there. We mentioned that the daughter could learn even more Bible stories at the children’s meeting. They seemed to appreciate the brief chat.

Middle-aged Lady: Again she was with a young daughter who had a go at the guessing box. When we started to talk about the Bible, the mother got quite defensive. Marian challenged her as to why she didn’t want to hear, and she made rather I strange comment, “It’s Ok I follow Jesus anyway!!” There was something rather strange about her, and she seemed to want to get away as quickly as possible. She did however take a tract.

Brief conversation with man in his 30’s: He seemed to be quite cynical at first but was friendly. He was making jokes about God and what we were doing, but when he was challenged he became more serious and said that often he did think about these things. He took a tract and parted with a friendly wave and a smile.

Older lady: She said that she was a church goer, but we got the impression that she didn’t really know what a Christian was. She willingly took a tract and went on her way, at least with some challenge made to what she believed.

Spanish man with his English wife and baby: The conversation began with admiring the little one, but we were able to explain to him what we were doing there, and the importance of getting right with God. His English was very good, and we were able to briefly talk about the importance of the Bible and what Jesus had done for us. They were both very friendly and took a tract explaining the way of salvation.

We managed to give out quite a number of tracts and were please not many were refused. A number of children on their own had a go at the guessing box and were given sweets as a reward, plus picture texts. We also met a number of believers from a wide variety of places across the country who were encouraged to see us there.

Over all we felt that the opportunity was limited, mainly due to low number of people passing by. We felt that we weren’t on a particularly good pitch – a little bit off the beaten track.

Still the Lord can work in the lives of those we spoke to, and those we didn’t, who received the literature.

Keith & Marian Bullock