North Lonsdale Show - 28 July 2010 - Gordon Eggleston

Post date: Aug 01, 2010 10:0:9 PM

Gordon Eggleston has kindly provided this report from the North Lonsdale Show.

It was a real joy to have Keith and Marion Bullock share the day at this show. They had driven down from Carlisle and picked me up in Backbarrow, so the logistics of getting the van to the right place at the right time were eased considerably although I suspect David Johnston’s input helped things. Cumbria is a large county and getting the van around does rely on the availability of volunteers so if you feel able to help at any time, please get in touch with David Johnston.

On to the show Showery in the morning and things a bit slow but more people around later in the morning. Lots of literature given out but short of “in-Depth” conversations. However, interesting chat with a couple of people, one of whom took a Bible. The other was interested in the return of Christ and wished to know if we believed He is coming again. I was glad to affirm we did.

Show holders around us were friendly and we were able to point out to a solar energy company that had it not been for the creatorial power of God they wouldn’t have a business. They took a copy of “The Ultimate Question”. I thanked a security man for looking after us and he was a bit reticent about discussing his eternal security. Teenagers were given copies of the “Hope” magazines from UCB and the guessing box was used by younger children. It was a joy to witness to people from the locality I knew and one well travelled friend was left with a copy of “Journey into Life”

The North Lonsdale show is pretty local and numbers attending about a tenth of those at the Westmorland show but seed was sown and a witness maintained.

Thanks to fellow believers who visited us and again to Keith and Marion

Gordon Egglestone