Newsletter for 2007

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 8:54:41 PM

Dear friends and praying partners.

Greetings in the precious name of JESUS, Well the summer is over and it's time to move on to the desk work i.e. getting out newsletters and reports, Organizing the updating of the web site and preparing things for next year, also going out giving reports. We had a good year at the Penrith market our brother David Locke was on the market from May to end of July while Syd Nixon was on from May to end of Sept., a lot of people were contacted and a number of tracts + bibles were given to people, we trust through the Holy Spirit men and women boys and girls might come to know the Lord. David Locke was also on the Keswick market from May to end of July and I would like to thank David and Syd for all the work and travelling they have done this year. We planned so much this year but due to the weather and foot and mouth, a number of shows had to be cancelled but the Lord was in control and the shows we were able to attend, we had a wonderful time of blessing. We held our A.G.M. on 06 October at the Gospel Hall Corporation Road, Workington. Our thanks to the brothers and sisters for their help: it was a joy to see a good number of people at this important meeting. I would like to say a big thank you to our brother lan Owen for all the work he has done in the past for C.G.O. He has stepped down from the work and his time is now taken up with leading the "Gospel male voice choir " at Carlisle we wish him and Yvonne God's blessing for the future. Stephen Graham has taken over the job of secretary of the Trustees. Written reports were distributed from Eric and Daphne Bouch (Keswick market.)

John Heron (Appleby Horse Fair) David Filby (Kirkby Stephen Vintage Rally) David Johnston (treasurer) handed out his report and gave an update on the finance of the C.G.O.

I gave a brief report on the shows Florence and I attended, my thanks to Gordon and Rhoda, Jim and Jenny, and Yvonne for their support attending these shows.

Keswick market has once again been the main focus of the work, my thanks to Eric and Daphne Bouch, Robert and Moira McGibbon, and others who have helped in this work. Martin Walkingshaw who in the past arranged for people to cover the market over the winter months has had to stand down due to a foot problem, We wish him a speedy recovery, This is now in the hands of John Heron my thanks to John for stepping in to cover this work. We have been told we will not be able to store the tracts etc. at Bethesda Free Chapel any more but we give thanks to the Lord and also to the elders of the Congregational church Keswick, for allowing us to use their Church hall for storage. You will notice that Keswick Market is being covered the lst. three weeks of each month right through to the end of 2008 D.V. But there are still dates to cover, so if you can help and you feel the LORD is speaking to you, then contact John Heron (chairman).

What a privilege it's been for me again this year going to shows and markets talking with people about the Lord, giving men and women boys and girls Gods word in tracts but most of all in giving out a large number of bibles. I was given an invite to take the Gospel van down to York for them to see what we do and also to encourage them, and in the will of the Lord at the end of October go over to Ireland with the van for them to see it, more about that later.

I would like to thank you all for your prayers, health wise I seem to be OK which I thank the Lord daily.

If you have a computer, then please look at our new update of our web site. And a special thanks to Stephen Hind for all his work in doing this. (

Keep praying and if you would like a report on the work then please feel free to contact me, no place too far or too small it's the Lord's work and we are all in this together, yours in the masters service.

Bill Fallon (Former Secretary)