Market Co-ordinator's Report - 2011

Post date: May 03, 2011 12:40:40 AM

Keswick Market

Looking back over the last year it has been amazing, through all the difficult circumstances that Cumbria has endured, to see the hand of the Lord at work in peoples’ lives, meeting people on Keswick market, those we know and those we don’t, give us a great opportunity to shine for Him, sharing a word at every opportunity and really helping where we can. The market is always busy and we have a great team of helpers with a love for souls. The regular team we have at the moment are so adaptable to in where they can and help to cover the rota month by month. This makes it much easier for the planning and we give praise to the Lord for the amazing workers that have put their hand to the plough. As you know it has been one of the coldest winters on record that we have been through and it has not always been easy to be at Keswick by 08-30hrs setting up the stall. Eric even had to buy some gloves one week and that is unheard of for him to even think of wearing them! However, God is good and Daphne and I have been truly blessed in the work and seeing the enthusiasm of other Christians.

Here are just a few examples of people that we have been blessed by and we hope you are too:

    • A searching family visiting the stall, the little boy of 7 years old had been told about Mother Nature at school. He thought it was the mother of Jesus, so they all came to find out the real truth of who God is and what “Mother Nature” is. They went away very interested, with several leaflets and information about joining a bible believing Church.

    • Two Ukrainian girls, recently saved, were so excited at seeing the stall and the witness. We had a good encouraging talk with them and they went away with 2 bibles. (ín Engiish)

    • A couple came to share with us. She was a Catholic and had gone to church one Sunday morning. She found the place closed so decided to go down the road to another church. When she heard the sermon, that morning, she heard for the first time what they had done to Jesus, when he suffered on the cross to pay the price for all our sins; she trusted Christ, (that incredibly day) for salvation and went home to tell her boyfriend. He too was saved and their lives have taken on a whole new meaning. The wonderful things that God can do, isn’t it amazing?

    • A couple started talking to us and we just knew that they were saved; sadly there had been trouble in their church and they had stopped going. They were encouraged to join a local church and once again know that joy of being part ofthe Body of Christ.

Many leaflets have been taken so we pray, like many of you do also, that they may be used for the salvation of souls and the extension of the Kingdom of God.Eric Bouch (Market Co-ordinator)