Keswick Show - August 2019

Post date: Sep 17, 2019 1:51:18 PM

The weather for the show at Keswick on Bank Holiday Monday could not have been more different to that encountered at the Dalston Show 2 weeks earlier. Once the morning mist was removed by the increasing strength of the sun, the rest of the day was hot and sunny. This brought out the public in large numbers and it soon became evident that many of those who stopped to talk were not locals but were on holiday from all parts of the UK. Early on we had a visit from two separate families from Portsmouth. One family were believers and worshipped in a church heavily involved in outreach work and church planting. The second family to visit from Portsmouth had no church background and were reluctant to speak on Christian matters. They did however accept some literature when they left. These holiday makers were followed by others from different parts of the UK. Two teenage boys and a girl from Preston were spoken to. They were churchgoers and had a knowledge of the Bible but appeared to place their eternal security on good works and church attendance rather than on faith in the finished work of the cross. R an atheist from Surry had a conversation with Keith. He claimed not to have always been an atheist but did not wish to talk about what had subsequently led him to this decision.

Amongst the Cumbrians who were spoken to were a couple from Penrith. They advised that they belonged to the Catholic Church and on leaving they accepted the booklet ‘’What the Catholic Bible Teaches’’

The Guessing Box was kept busy with children and teenagers, with queues sometimes forming as they waited to take their turn. This did give an opportunity to speak with parents who were with their children. During the day many tracts and pieces of Christian literature were handed out and we look to the Lord that the seed sown might bring forth fruit.

Keith Daymond, David Johnston