Keswick Show - August 2018

Post date: Sep 07, 2018 9:43:29 AM

After quite a wet start to the morning, it stopped raining about lunch time but remained overcast. We had a good position opposite the main ring where most of the shows were exhibiting. Jane from Whitehaven ably assisted David and myself.

During the morning it was fairly quiet, although the guessing box was well attended. Lots of parents listened as we talked the children through the items they had picked up. Some came from faith schools, whereas others had no concept of the bible stories. A family from Sheffield visited the van, and I knew their area well, his father was recuperating in Cumbria being an ex-fireman, he accepted a copy of Daily bread as we discussed how precious he was to the Saviour who died for him. His children also took some literature. A couple from Pennsylvania who were touring Britain and who loved the Lord were delighted to see the witness here . A young man and his girl friend, looked at the texts. He was a local man, who had been touring New Zealand during the earth quake, so we talked about the brevity of life. He took a booklet on the Way of Salvation, and he and his girlfriend listened well. We had a visitor from Manchester and his 2 girls who were at the guessing box. He had attended church many years ago so I suggested he try again and he took Daily bread to read. He was encouraged to find an evangelical church and he promised to go back to church with the children.

Many events in the ring drew people to us as we were in a prime position. All in all we had a lovely day together, and can only pray that Lord will use what was done to his Glory and the salvation of souls.

Keith Daymond, David Johnston and Jane Wong