Keswick Market - Winter 2012

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 12:21:32 PM

We never cease to be amazed at the many people who visit the Market at Keswick even in the cold and rain.

We offered a leaflet to a gentleman who didn’t accept it and said “I don’t do God” but his son put out his hand and took one.

M, a young lady from Selkirk who travels around Scotland, was offered a leaflet when she said tell me about it. We shared the Gospel relating the Lord’s death and Resurrection. M then said, I am a scientist and I believe in evolution. John said that is interesting, I admire your faith. We believe M was genuinely seeking the truth as she went away with “10 Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God!” Please pray she will find Jesus.

Isive who is Chinese took John’s Gospel and “7 Steps to knowing God”.

A lady from Dunoon took tracts.

2 ladies and daughter who were farming in the hills near Keswick were happy to accept tracts.

A number of Chinese students took leaflets.

C from Edinburgh was a Christian and came along to encourage us.

Toby studying at Nottingham University comes from Thailand , goes to Church but is not a Christian and we had a talk about baptism, leaving him very thoughtful.

5 young lady teachers were from Grimsby and spent some 10 minutes talking to us, 4 of them were so open and interested and one lady said my life is o.k. Pray the Lord’s Word which they took will impact their lives.

R from Blackburn, a Catholic suffering from depression had a long talk with us and took “Why Jesus”.

A real well dressed couple from Syria talked and accepted tracts.

Joe from Cockermouth had spoken to a friend who had told him about the Bible, we were pleased to give him a Bible and “Why Jesus.”

Please continue to pray as we touch lives with the Gospel at Keswick every week.

Jim McCallum, Ron Marsden and John Heron