Keswick Market - Spring 2017

Post date: Jul 16, 2017 3:21:14 PM

Another wet day at Keswick. Five girls on holiday from Seattle, U.S.A., were talking about their travels but knew little of the Way of Salvation although they did have Christian friends, they accepted leaflets and a DVD.

A lady from Liverpool not attending church but had a friend who was Born Again, took the leaflet “Alive”. Folks from Albania chatted and took “Reason to Believe”.

A family from Consett went to the Family Service at the Gospel Hall – they took a number of leaflets after their daughter had a go at the Guessing Box.

B, from Cockermouth and his Mother, asked for the leaflet “Breaking Free”- they said we don not know how to be saved. What a joy to explain the Gospel with the help of the ‘Y’ Jesus booklet. Although the rain fell, we were encouraged as we spoke to many dear Christian friends, one beiong Maurice from N.Ireland who had helped at the Gypsy Fair at Appleby.

April, 2017.

Another month soon goes by but so does the rain!! A dry day. J and Max had many questions having had some association with J.W’s about the Trinity and the New Birth. We suggested they just read the Bible for a month without Watch Tower literature. Max said I think that is a good idea, pray they both find the Lord in His Word.

Alan from Cornwall, asked for a Bible and “Right Track” for a lady who had recently been saved.

Two ladies from Sunderland had a long talk with us as we gave them ‘Y’ Jesus and a Billy Graham DVD. After explaining the Gospel, J said my partner will be very interested. It was great to have David Metcalfe join us for a while – he had the joy of talking to a Sekh gentleman and giving him a Bible and sadly his friend showed little interest.

Anne from N.Yorkshire told us she had always been a Christian. We held her bag and dog whilst she searched the Guessing Box – she left us with ‘Y’ Jesus.

Two girls said we do not believe the Bible, her Mother was an atheist – we gave them “10 Reasons to Believe in God”.

Family from Welwyn Garden City were not believers – their daughter was Down’-syndrome – we shared the Gospel and gave them ‘Y’ Jesus and “Staying Alive”.

Ben and his Wife took 5 titles of 10 “Reasons to Believe” and a DVD. This couple were really seeking although their parents did not believe.

Fiona spoke to us saying she was an atheist, she accepted “10 Reasons to Believe in God”. Phoebe attended the Free Methodist Church in Lancaster – we encouraged her and teenage friends.

May 2017

Another Saturday has arrived with the sun shining when it was good to have Bert McKaig, a friend who visits us at Kirkby Stephen on occasions.

A from Whitehaven, a Freemason, said surely all the money we give and good works will get us into Heaven – we told him it was all Grace and not works.

Mike a Romanian, told us he was a believer, we encouraged him in the Lord.

A Mother and daughter from Essex listened as we shared the Gospel of how to know Jesus.

A Chinese couple listened – they had never heard the Gospel before pray they will read the literature and be saved.

Bert had a long talk to a Biker although a hot day he was dressed up in leathers – it would be great to hear of him coming to the Lord and clothed in garments of salvation.

A couple now living in Staveley having moved from the South and were open to the Gospel. We talked to Stuart for 10 minutes although he was adamant he would not take a leaflet.

A young man who had been brought up in the Muslim religion had changed his name to Daniel having seen Jesus in a dream and now fully trusted Him for salvation, he and his Wife now living in the North East. We were so encouraged to meet this dear couple and see them living for the Lord and attending church.

We appreciate Deborah Wright calling to help at the stall when she is able. A Hungarian lady called at the stall with her 11yr. old son who was searching the Guessing Box when Deborah was there. After talking to her she agreed to meet for coffee, they met on a number of occasions and Deborah had the opportunity of sharing the Gospel and led this dear lady to the Lord. Along with her son they are attending a local church. While listening to his Mum praying and thanking the Lord for Deborah, he said to his Mum if it hadn’t been for me going to the Guessing Box, you would never have met Deborah. Praise the Lord.

John Heron