Keswick Market - Spring 2014

Post date: Jun 24, 2014 11:6:5 PM

During our visits to Keswick Market, we never cease to be surprised at the number of people who attend. Georgina and Alexandra both were really interested and asked so many questions regarding Christianity and about going to Church – pray they will find the answer in Jesus. They took ‘Life’s Important Questions.’ We also had a long talk to a Veterinary student and accepted “Journey into Life” and ‘Reasons to Believe.’ A Lady from south of the County was interested in the things of God and took some booklets but was put off believing by neighbours who professed to be Christians and went to Church yet use bad language to their children.

An Indian family spent some time at the stall, the children taking tracts and the Mother asking if she could have the leaflet ‘Introduction to Jesus’ and ‘Journey into Life’. Sarah from Ayr called but was not sure what she believed although her Mother went to Church – pray the Lord will speak to her as she reads ‘Reason to Believe.’ A Hindu couple from Deli, India, were very open to the Gospel also a couple from Taiwan. A young lady from Sudan had a long talk about the problem of anybody converting from Islam to Christianity in her country. As a Muslim she was very receptive to the Gospel and now lives in London studying Research at University and took leaflets ‘Jesus a Very Special Person’ and ‘Journey into Life’ – pray she finds the Lord.

Lou from Merseyside working as a Support Worker in a School, listened intently as John shared the Gospel of God’s love through the Cross. Lou was really touched and emotional as she opened her heart to the Word . May the spoken word and the Written Word bring her to the Saviour.

Liam with his Mum and sister took tracts but Liam refused, then after further chatting about the reality of the Christian faith, took ’10 Reasons to Believe the Bible’. Kate and Bob from Kent were thrilled to see the Stall and had only been saved 1 year and were excited about their new life. We spoke to another Muslim lady from London who accepted the tract ‘For My Muslim Friends’.

After talking with two Catholic girls, we gave them ’10 Reasons to Believe in Christ not Religion’. Pat a Catholic lady who had lost her husband only 9 months ago took the booklet ‘Living with Loss’ and ‘10 Reasons to Believe in Christ not Religion’. This dear lady is really seeking the Lord and asking for a Church to attend to learn more about the Christian faith.

MAY - Eric Bouch and John Heron.

A man of the Muslim faith picked up the Arabic Bible – he was hesitant about taking the Bible but took Luke’s Gospel in Arabic and ‘For our Muslim Friends’. Kai and George from Worcester, students, listened so well as the Gospel was explained leaving them with contact details if they needed more help.

We also had the joy of talking to Trisha, a Catholic, explaining how to be saved, she was open to the Gospel and trust the testimony of Dick Keogh would help her. A Jewish lady and her husband asked what we believed and we encouraged them to consider Jesus.

JUNE - Ron Marston and John Heron.

We enjoyed a great day of sunshine as we shared the Gospel, and were encouraged by visits from Christians from the U.S.A., others from Liverpool and also local Christians. We renewed fellowship with friends from Northern Ireland. Stella walked past while we were talking to others shouting “Pray for Me”

A young couple walking past as we offered the tract the title of which is “I Do” relating to the Wedding Day. They had a laugh as they decided which of them would accept it. Pray as they took the tract that they will also take Jesus as Saviour.

A number of children came to the Guessing Box and some parents were asking if they could take Children’s leaflets for their children. We explained the Gospel with the Flipper Flopper to a young boy while his Mum stood by intrigued as we sowed the seed of the Word in both their hearts.

A couple from the North East who had spoken to Robbie at the beginning of June and also a year earlier came again to the Stall with many questions asking is the Bible true, other subjects, Evolution, The Trinity and the Gospel. Some of their friends and family were Born Again and we feel they are really searching for the truth spending two hours talking about the things of God. This lady had been involved in New Age. Pray the Lord will take the scales from their eyes to see the truth, they took at least five tracts of ’10 Reasons to Believe’ which would give them 50 answers to questions. May they along with many others who heard the Word come to know the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Ron Marston, Jim McCallam and John Heron