Keswick Market - September 2019

Post date: Oct 07, 2019 4:48:20 PM

A lovely day with the sun shining.

Two young girls spent time at the Guessing Box taking away Josh and Jade children’s leaflets, as did many other children during the day.

A family from Consett spent time talking, they had attended a Catholic church in the past, they accepted the “Purpose of Life” leaflet.

A lady from Whitby who used to attend church but not been for some time, after speaking to Paul said now she would look for a church in the Whitby area.

What a joy to meet two Bristol University students, they listened so well to the Gospel having never heard it before and said “yes” I understand and what you have told us makes sense. A thrill to see them drinking in the message of the Way of Salvation. We believe this will be a turning point as they took “God’s Story” and other leaflets about the new birth and receiving Jesus as their Saviour.

A lady asked for Daily Bread and “Why Believe in the Bible.” A young man from Pakistan took away “The Purpose of Life” . A young lady from New Zealand talked with us saying her Uncle was a Pastor, she showed real interest.

“L” and “D” a lovely young couple from Scunthorpe, looking at our True and False Poster were telling us what their thoughts were. This couple were real seekers and we explained the ABC of the Gospel and shared the content of “God’s Story”, they also promised to listen to the testimonies on the Billy Graham DVD we gave them.

“C” and “N “ from Morpeth talked and accepted “God’s Story” have first listened to us sharing God’s Way of Salvation.

The last couple we had the privilege of sharing with was “R” and “L” from Whitehaven, we gave them the Daily Bread booklet and “Start Again” explaining the New Birth.

We began our journey home thanking God for answering our prayers in having the joy of speaking to so many people open to the Word – Keep Praying.

Paul Chatworthy and John Heron.