Keswick Market - September 2009

Post date: Mar 06, 2010 1:8:29 AM

John & David Filby have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Market.

A lady started to pick up literature and said she had done this before to give to others. We asked which fellowship she belonged to – to which she replied that she worked with children and youths and therefore went to many different churches. She asked us, following some conversation, the biblical position of differing churches stances, “When you get to heaven’s gate, and God asks you, why should I let you in here? What will you say”? We thought, and then answered. “Do you mind if we answer that question frankly”? She encouraged an answer, we replied, “We are not going to be stopped at heaven’s gate” – if we die, our souls will go straight to with the Lord; absent from the body, present with the Lord”. If we are alive when Christ come for His own, - (those who are Born Again, saved, Believers, Christians) and that could be soon, then we will go in less than a second to be in The Fathers house. Pray that she will read some of the literature she was ready to give to others and gain the assurance of Eternal Life.

A lady started to pick up daily Bible reading notes, so we asked; did she read her Bible regularly? She replied “No, but my sister does and I thought she would like these”. We asked, “Why don’t you read the Bible for yourself and use those Bible reading helps”. “I suppose I could”, she said and fell silent, then she quietly asked, - “could I have a Bible”? It had not occurred to us that a person prepared to stop at the stall and choose literature, would not have a Bible! She now has one, and literature to help her. Pray that we will always be given the right words and the wisdom to discern situations correctly.

Two Japanese ladies started to pick up children’s literature, - so we pointed out that adult booklets were further along the stall. They explained that they could understand children’s picture language better, as they were just learning English. We asked “Did they have a Bible and would they read one”? No! Said one, yes, said the other, hesitatingly. (We thought this was simply a measure of their grasp of the language thus far and the Bible would appear very daunting) We explained that to persevere to learn English by reading the Bible would be a very rewarding study. They accepted the Bible and helpful literature to take back to Japan. Pray that they and others will be led to The Lord by simply reading his word.

Praise God for the elderly Brother from Arbroath who helped us with a visitor by saying, the scouts have a good motto “Be Prepared” but the Bible has a better one “Be born again”.

John & David Filby