Keswick Market Report - Summer 2013

Post date: Aug 17, 2013 10:46:47 AM

Workers: Jim McCallam, Ron Marston and John Heron.

A couple who lived in Cockermouth had suffered from depression, asked for a Bible for themselves and one for their family.

It was encouraging to meet a Christian family from New Zealand.

We spoke to a couple from Cornwall who asked for a leaflet on True Friendship.

It was great to see children taking bookmarks and tracts.

S. from Hong Kong was on her way to Newcastle, called at Keswick, she had a friend who was a Christian and she showed a real interest in the Gospel taking the tract “Purpose of Life.”

In contrast a Town Councillor was talking about his belief that we were like a dog – we die and that is the end, he listened as we spoke of Biblical truths.

R. and M., two young people, believed there was no God. We shared the reality of God and they happily took “10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than Religion” and “Your Heart Matters.”

An 11yr.old who was not a Christian from Middlesborough with her Dad listened as we shared the Gospel, we felt she was really seeking answers.

R. a Sikh, listened as we shared Jesus and took “Y-Jesus” and “Daily Bread.”

A young man and his girlfriend from Ghana said he was a Christian although not attending church although his girlfriend was not. We were able to encourage him to attend church and his girlfriend to give her life to the Lord. Do pray that the literature they took will have an impact on both their lives.

Two 20yr.old young people from Manchester listened with real interest as we explained how to be saved, they also took booklets which outlined the way of salvation – “Journey into Life” and “Y-Jesus.”

L. only 13yr.old not sure what to believe – looking for proof. He took “Reason to Believe”.

A gentleman came to us saying I am a Darwinist and don’t believe in religion”, we replied we did not believe in religion either. We explained about Jesus and having a relationship with Him and he accepted “10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than Religion.”

Keep praying for the many contacts from home and abroad at Keswick every week.

John Heron