Keswick Market Report - Spring 2015

Post date: Jul 16, 2015 7:56:58 PM

Our visits to Keswick always prove to be a real encouragement and blessing.

Julie claiming to be an atheist saying she believed in good not God – she accepted “10 Reasons to Believe”, her son took the Children’s Wonder Book, saying they would call the next time visiting Keswick.

Kalie and Mark from Newcastle listened as we explained the Gospel saying they had never heard it before although Mark had heard a little whilst in the Army.

Link was very open as we explained the Gospel message and how to become a Christian. Links’ parents were Buddists living in Saudi Arabia, whilst she is studying at Exeter University, her husband being Scottish. Please pray her time at the stall will be a turning point in her life.

V from Penrith promised to go to Church having listened so well, we gave her Why Jesus, 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith, suggesting she read John ch.3 before leaving asking us to put a book mark in the chapter.

A couple visiting from the South saying they were confused about suffering in the world, describing themselves as agnostics. We tried to help and reason with them, they left with 10 Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God.

Mark lived with his wife in Rowland Gill Nr. Newcastle, she was not going to church but asked for a copy of Daily Bread, we encouraged them to attend Church.

Phil and Sarah were not Christians both had busy lives but were open and listened as we shared the Gospel.

A new stall holder shared her confusion, once going to church, now searching but disappointingly our conversation was interrupted after about 15 minutes by one of her colleagues.

We spent some time talking to Chris and Jon from Romania, now living in Edinburgh, brought up in Romanian Orthodox church, they both showed real interest, they were happy to accept Why Jesus and Seeking Life’s Purpose. We encouraged them to go along to Charlotte Chapel to help them learn more of the Christian faith.

Six young mothers stopped to talk, all having one thing in common, all had twins, we appropriately gave them Family Matters.


A lady who comes from Catalonia in Spain called saying I have my own religion nevertheless was keen to take 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith and Purpose of Life, saying she would leave some leaflets in the Guest House.

A young man who has his own business in the North East, with his son in a pushchair, shared his concerns that his workers have no guidance how to bring up their families. We gave him Family Matters, sharing about God’s guidance for family life. He thanked us for talking to him

Joshua living near Manchester tried the Guessing Box asked for the book Meet the King and listened to the key fob. His Mum Stephanie took Why Jesus and Guide to Staying Alive and 10 Reasons why God allows Suffering – her husband has a terminal illness – they all need our prayers.

Matthew aged 18, an atheist, with Jade from Ambleside, was religious but not a Christian. Matt found it difficult to believe in what he could not see. We had a long discussion also giving them literature which would point them to God and the Gospel including Staying Alive, Why Jesus and Purpose of Life.

We offered a tract to a young lady who refused. Mum said I will take it. We talked to the whole family. J aged 14, said he was an atheist but after talking for a while he agreed maybe he wasn't so sure. I suggested he could listen to the 5 minute message on the Key Fob – it was a joy to see the whole family stand and listen on the street. After it finished, J went to the stall and took Why Jesus and other booklets. We pray that this dear family will be united in the Lord.

We have had so much encouragement from Christians, some locals others from further afield , South Carolina and a lady from Portugal, not to mention many children at the Guessing Box taking books and tracts home.

We believe and pray the distribution of 100’s of Gospel literature tracts, and Bibles will prove to be a blessing to the many visitors to Keswick from local villages and towns and from around the world.

Please keep praying.

John Heron