Keswick Market - Oct-Dec 2019

Post date: Mar 26, 2020 12:5:47 AM


One of our first visitors was a Courting Couple from Paisley, the lady did most of the talking whilst the gentleman was very quiet and reflective. We gave them “10 Reasons to Believe in God”. We pray that God will be part of their lives together.

A 9 yr. old girl with her Mother from Manchester, chatted whilst we explained the need of forgiveness with the “Flipper Flopper.”

We had a great chat with a couple from Newcastle, they were open to hear the message and listened well.

An African lady from Liverpool listened as we explained the Gospel, happily accepting the “Secret of Life’s Meaning”

A Muslim lady told us her Mother-in-Law was a Christian. We explained the contrast of the two Faiths, she was pleased to take away “On the Right Track” which is John’s Gospel and Romans. Pray the reading of the Word will bring conviction and blessing.

J and A, a young couple from Bolton, chatted and happily listened as we shared about the Way of Salvation and took leaflets home.

It was encouraging to meet to meet Christians who came to say “Hello” and some taking leaflets to give out themselves.


Early in the day, a young lady with her baby and Mother, shared that baby ‘E’ had been in the Freeman Hospital. What a joy to listen to their story and for us to share and give them “God’s Story”.

A middle-aged gentleman from Sheffield spent some time talking to us and accepted literature .

We had the joy of explaining the new birth with J and A from Chester.

A Rastafarian man spoke to us although he had little interest in Christianity .

A young man from Iran also listened to us as we shared the Gospel and gave him leaflets.

Again it was great to see young people at the Guessing Box, also taking home “Josh and Jade” booklets.


Paul and John arrived for the day at Keswick Market, the Saturday before Christmas, with the opportunity to speak and give over 120 Christmas Cards to passers- by and share the Good Tidings of Great Joy.

Among the people we spoke to were a young people from Edinburgh University and gave them “God’s Story”.

A Buddhist lady from London stopped to talk accepting “the Purpose of Life” and “God’s Story”.

Just arrived in Keswick from Blackpool was a Catholic lady who after a long talk, we gave her “What the Catholic Bible says”.

We had the joy of meeting a family from Anglesey and shared the Gospel with them.

Before we left, a lady came asking many questions but didn’t know the Lord. Please pray she will find the purpose of life.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron