Keswick Market - May 2016

Post date: Jun 27, 2016 9:11:13 AM

Two weeks previous to our scheduled Saturday on the Market, John had called in to support Tom on the stall for a couple of hours when Tom was talking to a group of young people explaining the meaning of the Flippa-flappa. John spent some time talking to a young couple who he would value your prayers for, K and A were from Gloucester, K was asking many questions giving the opportunity for John to explain how to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. K in particular, was so appreciative and offered to pay for the Billy Graham DVD, they also took tracts and contact details.

Jim and I arrived at Keswick with a forecast promise of rain in the morning and at 11 a.m. it rained heavily. Earlier we had the privilege of talking to V, a middle aged gentleman from the Manchester area who was visiting Keswick, he was brought up as a Catholic, his wife was a Christian attending an evangelical C of E., he had many questions regarding the Catholic faith and living a good life, he also attended a Christianity Explored Course, still he had questions, John explained that he needed to be rescued – saved and quoted the words of C.T.Studd “If Jesus Christ is God and died for me, no sacrifice I could make would ever be enough". He was really touched by the Lord's love for him. He was encouraged to seek the Lord and be certain of Heaven and he left the stall with tracts and contact details along with a Billy Graham DVD "Second Chance".

Two girls from Newcastle called to the stall distributing promotional cards, both said they were atheists, John said surely you don't believe nothing made everything. After a short discussion they happily accepted “10 Reasons to Believe" and a DVD.

John spent 30 minutes talking to a young lady at a nearby stall and she was, in her own words, open minded asking questions — how can you be sure there is a God and what about evolution and big bang, she also asked if I am not a Christian where would I go when I die; John said I think you know the answer to that question having been brought up as a Christian and confirmed but now saying people look at me judging me. After explaining the Gospel and many other questions, I later gave her tracts “10 Reasons to believe the Bible, The Christian Faith and the Existence of God", and a DVD of Testimonies.

A lady from Huddersfield along with her mother-in-law, said all religions were the same as Islam, Judaism and Christianity all have roots from Abraham. We explained that Jesus was unique, they left us with 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith.

Jim spoke to a couple from India, the gentleman said he recalled the day he received a Gideon Testament 30 years ago, he was encouraged to read the Word. A number of Children enjoyed the opportunity of the Guessing Box and the sweets we gave and trust that Bookmarks and Children's tracts will point them to the Lord. During the day a number of people declined the offer of tracts, we were not discouraged as those who were seeking the Lord were a joy to share the Gospel with, not forgetting the many Christians who called in to say how pleased they were to see a witness for the Lord in Keswick.

Jim McCallam and John Heron