Keswick Market - June 2016

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 10:28:55 AM

One of our first visitors was a middle aged gentleman, after looking at the stand, he asked if he could take 10 Reasons to Believe, in the Existence of God, he told us he was an atheist, we expressed surprise and said surely he hadn’t so much faith that the amazing creation came about without a creator. We didn’t think he was so convinced of his atheist belief. Pray that God will speak to him through the tract.

A Christian lady spoke to us from Sweden who attended a Pentecostal Church came and encouraged us. D and Julie spent some time talking, he said he had no faith or belief and Julie was from a catholic background, her father now being an atheist. This couple were from Sunderland and we had the joy of sharing and explaining the Gospel, they were showing so much interest that we felt it right to give them a Billy Graham DVD and the booklet “God’s Story”.

D & B, who had come to live in a village near Kirkby Stephen and said they may come to Kirkby Stephen fellowship.

M and D were visiting from Wigan, they knew Tom from University days when he was lecturing and Tom had shared his faith. Pray that renewing friendship will be a means of this couple finding the truth and Jesus as Saviour, we gave them “God’s Story and DVD.

We met quite a number of children at the Guessing Box and shared with Parents and Grandparents. Some Christians from Sweden encouraged us. We were able to encourage a couple from Mungrisedale to go to a church as the Mother has been in contact with Christians when she was single – pray this family will start to attend church.

We spoke to a young couple – she was a Scout leader from a catholic background but her Dad is now an atheist – what a joy to share the Gospel explaining the difference between Christianity and religion and we gave them “Why Jesus”, “Purpose of Life” and “Ever Wondered”. A gentleman walked up to the stand and took “What the Catholic Bible Says” and a nurse from Newcastle asked if she could take a Bible.

M and J, he was a nurse from Middlesborough both listened as we explained to them the Lord’s love and they took a DVD and “Reason to Believe”. D who had some descriptive Tattoos over his body for all to see, walked passed saying there are so many gods, you would not know which is the right one. We told him people often worship their own god even idols of stone and wood but there was only one true God – he left us with “God’s Story”.

A young couple from Manchester stopped, J was C.of E. but had little understanding of the Gospel, K was seeking - her parents were of the catholic faith. What a joy to explain to them how Jesus died on the Cross because they needed a Saviour, their good works would never get them to heaven. We mentioned about the Queen’s Christmas message – God sent Jesus a Saviour. We explained the booklet “God’s Story” and DVD.

John from Doncaster, a middle aged man, had contact with J.W’s and asked what they believed and we explained that they didn’t believe or practice the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith which he was quite surprised to learn, he was asking many questions and we believe he was a genuine seeker after God. We gave him “On the Right Track”, John’s Gospel and Romans but not before we read John ch.3.v.16-18 and explained the helps in the back of the booklet - he happily took a Fob to listen to also.

A lady from Sunderland asked if we had literature that could help her, her friend had died recently and she had just learnt that her husband was having an affair with another lady. Unfortunately this lady was not getting much support from the church she attended so we encouraged her to attend another church. We spent time talking and gave her the RBC booklet “He knows your Pain” along with “Pathway to Peace”.

D who was working in the hotel opposite the stand came to see us to say how pleased he was to see us reaching people with the Gospel, he had been involved in a charismatic fellowship before moving to Keswick.

We would ask you to pray that the many tracts which we gave out and the conversations we had will fall on good ground and others who we talked to at length who were clearly seeking God, will come into the joy of salvation.

Jim McCallam, Rom Marston and John Heron