Keswick Market - June 2010

Post date: Aug 10, 2010 9:56:44 PM

John Heron and Ron Marston have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Market

A busy day encouraging and sharing the Gospel with so many people. A couple from Maryport took a number of tracts after sharing the Gospel with them. From further afield, a number of Indian people from Deli took tracts.

We shared the Gospel with an atheist man showing him ‘10 Reasons to Believe in God’ but he took no literature. We praise God for those who happily take tracts and four people requested Bibles. A young man from Appleby showed real interest and gladly accepted some booklets. A young lady from Lancashire talked of her background in the Baptist Church when young but now had been studying other faiths but was beginning to see how wrong the teaching was and is very near becoming a Christian. Remember this lady in your prayers as she took away helpful booklets.

Our day ended after a great Christian couple David and Veronica came and encouraged us, we wished they lived nearer to help us at the stall in Keswick - would you?

John Heron and Ron Marston (Kirkby Stephen)