Keswick Market - July/August 2008

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 9:47:7 PM

Eric and Daphne Bouch have kindly provided this report from Keswick Market, note the prayer requests, please pray:

As usual the market at Keswick has been very busy and there aren’t many free moments without someone at the stall. There are one or two new stallholders close at hand who we hope to establish good relationships with although all the stallholders seem to be very friendly and helpful.

The new conservatory extension built onto the hotel opposite our usual stand is an asset to our work – it gives an open view of the stall to the hotel patrons, and also an opportunity to speak to the folks sitting at the tables outside with their dogs and pushchairs and haversacks etc. Also, on one known instance, a stirring of the conscience when she realised it was the “Bible stall”.

Over the weeks of the Convention the stall filled with Christians, with some there to encourage us, some enquiring about how to go about having a stall on their home markets and some enquiring about resources for their own personal outreach. This year has been a great opportunity of fellowship with the Lord’s people and a real witness to everyone around the stall. We have had the privilege to speak to many about their soul’s salvation.

2 Thessalonian's ch. 3 v. 1-2.

Just a few examples of people that came to the stall:

    1. Nine years old twins came with their Mother. They had visited the stall last year while on holiday and couldn’t wait to return this year. They gave their hearts to the Lord at Easter this year and their Mother was so delighted telling us.

    2. A man came desperately seeking the Truth. After a long conversation, which he was very interested in, he took several leaflets.

    3. A young girl was asked to be a God Mother to her friend’s baby but didn’t know what it was all about and asked if we had some literature that could help her. It was explained to her that she would be vowing to help to bring the child up in the Christian faith. She was uncertain about what this meant so the Way of Salvation through Christ alone was explained to her. She went away with the booklet “Journey into Life”

    4. A mother, who had been “saved” for 3 years, brought her teenage sons to the stall. They said that they were not saved but had seen big changes in their Mothers’ life. Literature was refused. Pray that these 2 lads will see the Truth of the Gospel that they said they just don’t want to know about.

    5. A lady from Northern Ireland confided in us about her husband of 38 years who had left her for someone else. She needed support and a listening ear, like so many that we meet every day. She had been to the Convention and had purchased a book written by Charles Price. He signed it for her and she told him the situation that she was in. Beside his signature he had written for her, “all you need – you will find in Christ alone”. How True! We prayed with her and she took a daily bible reading booklet.

Eric & Daphne Bouch