Keswick Market - July 2019

Post date: Sep 17, 2019 1:30:35 PM

We enjoyed a lovely sunny day with many people visiting the Market including some attending the Convention.

Many people passing by accepted leaflets, we also had the joy of sharing the Gospel with many of which were two ladies who were religious but didn’t know the Lord as Saviour, we explained that being a chrisitian was a relationship with Jesus and they accepted a copy of “God’s Story.”

Another two folks spoke to us from Scotland who were visiting friends in Cumbria, their appearance was unusual with much facial decoration but we spent some time talking and gave them “Reason to Believe” and “Health and Wholeness.”

A family from Sunderland chatted and accepted “Reason to Believe” and “Purpose of Life.” Paul had a great conversation with a lady whose parents were Christians and gave her the booklet “God’s Story.”

A Rastafarian man from Jamaica had much to tell us but not seeking God. Praise God for the joy of sharing the Gospel with an Iranian man and also a gentleman from Saudi Arabia, living in London, who showed a real interest and accepted “Purpose of Life”. Many families stopped to talk from many different areas including Glasgow and Italy who took “Family Matters” and “The Secret of Life’s Meaning.”

It was also good to give a Bible to a family from Goa in India. A lady in a Wheelchair had many questions why so much suffering in the World, we gave her Our Daily Bread booklet on “Worry” and “Why Suffering in the World” and thought this may helpful to her.

Do pray that the many conversations and leaflets given to people from around the world will result in the salvation of some souls.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron