Keswick Market - July 2009

Post date: Aug 10, 2009 9:8:4 PM

Robert and Moira McGibbon have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Show.

We prepared ourselves to greet Visitors from USA on their special day with the stars and stripes flag (adjusted with the help of a believer from Threlkeld) and a text-board declaring real freedom in Jesus, but although no Americans came, plenty of other nationalities showed interest. Each time we take a turn on the market we are given a warm welcome by other stall holders and we pray our witness to them might be of honest servants of our of our Master. It is good too, to be greeted by Christians from all parts of the country. Bishop Richard from Keswick always calls and either prays with us, or encourages us from the scriptures. This time there were also Tom and Margaret from the Ulverston Assembly, a couple from a Baptist Church in Peterhead and two ladies from CoDurham. Jean from Chorley called to say ,"hello" and asked for details of the Convention, then some 7 days away.

Children and even some adults like to try out the guessing box; this involves both of us, one to engage the children, making sure that each leaves with a booklet such as Josh and Jade or a Wonderbook and then the other to talk to the parents about the Lord. There is always one visit to the stall which gives us tremendous encouragement and this time it came from Raymond from Hexham. He had been in hospital being treated for stomach cancer when he found a Bible in his bedside locker. Over the days he was in hospital and since leaving he has read and read. We were delighted to talk to him and gave him a New Testament so he could have it in his pocket and use whenever he liked. We also gave him some Daily Bread Notes and a copy of "Journey into Life." Please pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work in his heart and bring him to salvation.

Often believers bring friends to the stall. Two men from Holland called by early on in the day. The Christian friend had little English but greeted us as brothers and encouraged us to witness to his friend Luke who had much more English so it was possible to talk about the Lord to him. The Christian friend said he would call by next summer holiday to tell us news about Luke and his reading of the tracts we gave him.

Two women both came asking prayer. Michelle came from the Welsh borders and was concerned about being asked to help with leading worship at her local Methodist Church. Her husband was unbelieving so we passed on a tract and a "7 steps to knowing Jesus" and assured her of our prayers. The other lady came from Glasgow and wanted a book of prayers to offer at her Women's Guild Meeting. This request poses all kinds of questions. We have had similar requests before from other ladies. Maybe we really should be entering into correspondence with such ladies. It is obvious they have an interest but don't know how to talk to the Lord.

Then there was Ralph who came originally from Maryport. We know his father who still lives in the town, although in his nineties. He stayed ages discussing with us and finally left promising to use the Bible Study aids we gave him. Pray that he will remember our conversation and read his Bible, maybe on the long journey he makes once a fortnight to and from London by train.

Robert and Moira McGibbon