Keswick Market - January 2022

Post date: 12 Mar 2022 15:09

We arrived at Keswick Market on a dull but, dry day with little sunshine.

Early morning was quiet, one of our first visitors was a young man from Queensland, Australia, he was happy to talk telling John he had attended a Christian Youth meeting. We shared the Gospel with him, he showed real interest. John encouraged him to make contact with Christians when he returned home to Austrlia, we gave him a copy of "God's Story" and the "Secret of Life." Do pray that this young man will find the Lord.

S, from Staffordshire had attended church frequently, although none of her family were interested in church or, Christianity. This lady was so open to the gospel, she showed real interest as we explained the contrast of being just a Churchgoer and a "Born Again" believer. We encouraged her to get in touch if she needed more help. Please pray as she reads the booklets, that the Lord will open her eyes. it was encouraging to see a young lady spend 10 minuets reading a TELit leaflet that we gave her, pray the seed sown will be fruitful.

Paul's Conversations

E from Nottingham was gazing at the stall, I asked her if she would like any literature to take, she took a couple of leaflets. When asked if she went to church, she said, she used to go to Mass ( she was brought up a Catholic) but, hardly at all now. I explained that, although we believe in the same God a lot of our beliefs were different. She replied that, she didn't think it was right that, she needed to confess to a priest. I explained that, Christ died for her sins and she could come before him at anytime, anywhere without going to a priest. She left with "What the Catholic Bible Says" and "God's Story," she said she would read them as soon as she arrived home.

A nameless gentleman told me that he was a C of E, he said, "I have Gone off

Church" it had lost it's direction due to it's policies, when asked if he was saved, he replied “No” I am religious and too old to change. I told him of Nicodemus, he was religious and Christ told him "You Must be Born Again” I encouraged him to change. He thanked me and went on his way.

We value your continued prayer for our workers witness at Keswick market each Saturday.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron