Keswick Market - January 2020

Post date: Mar 26, 2020 12:7:24 AM

We set off for Keswick with the temperature minus 4 degrees, rising to +2. The weather was kind to us all day, cold, little wind and no rain.

One of our first visitors were of African descent living in London. We gave them literature to read.

We then were talking to a young couple from Reading who were saying how great it was in the Lake District. We gave them “It Just Happened” regarding Creation.

A local couple from Workington stopped by and we gave them “The Secret of Life”. Following this, a young couple, a Stall holder from the town, spoke about going to Church when she was young but not now. We encouraged her to go to Church and read the leaflets we gave her.

A Welsh couple from Wrexham both having lost their partners at the age of 48 and 52 respectively, firstly he was sceptical but after we explained the Christian message, they accepted “The Purpose of Life” and “God’s Story”.

John went across the road near the Hotel to speak to a young couple from Manchester, after chatting asking if they had understood how to become a Christian. ‘A’ said she had been christened and had a candle with her name on it. What an opportunity to tell how we are saved by faith through grace. They both listened so well explaining to them the message of the leaflet “God’s Story” which they took away and we trust will change their lives.

‘K’ was from the Czech Republic and ‘M’ from Poland, now living locally with their little daughter who enjoyed trying the Guessing Box. They were both very pleasant and listened as we compared religion with Christianity, again leaving them with leaflets and for the first time hearing how to be saved.

We had the joy of seeing families and children at the Guessing Box enjoying the fun of the Box and the Optical Illusion cards but most importantly taking home God’s Word through the Children’s and Adult leaflets.

One of our last visitors on holiday in the U.K. was a 30yr. old Chinese girl who worked in Computer Technology in China. What a joy to share with ‘Y’ for the first time ever, the way of Salvation, she wrote down her name and saying I need to know the meaning of life. When John showed her the Revival Movement leaflet “The Secret of Life’s Meaning” she was surprised by the title and also accepted other Gospel booklets. We encouraged her to contact us if she had more questions. As she left, Paul’s comment was “that’s amazing.”

Keep praying as we begin another year of Witness to many who will hear the Gospel for the first time and the fruit will be the Joy of Salvation.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron