Keswick Market - January 2019

Post date: Jan 22, 2019 3:26:44 PM

We were pleased the Lord gave us a dry day although very cold.

January on Keswick Market is traditionally quiet but we were surprised to share the Gospel with so many. A special Bus trip from Kirkby Stephen arrived giving John the opportunity to speak to so many people he knew and share the Gospel with some who took leaflets.

A was a Nurse from the Wirral with her Mother, both Christians concerned that her son was not living for the Lord. and needs our prayer.

A gentleman in a wheelchair talked for some time saying he was put off by his Catholic upbringing, he took “Reason to Believe” and later accepted the leaflet “10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than Religion”. His wife listened as we shared the Gospel.

A gentleman smartly dressed walked past saying he was brought up in Christian circles but sadly showed no interest. Yet another couple said they were not religious, not believing in God but took “Reason to Believe”.

A couple from Huddersfield with their baby daughter had a bit of banter but we felt they were searching. They left with “Purpose for Life”. They knew Lord Hothfield from Kirkby Stephen area

A group of young people from a church in Stockton said they enjoyed church and coming out and spending time together. We encouraged them to go among the people in the centre of Stockton sharing Coffee and the Gospel with them and they seemed open to this suggestion.

Two University students from Manchester were really interested and spent some time listening as we explained the Gospel as a relationship giving the “Y” Jesus Gospel booklet. We felt this could be a turning point in their lives.

2 girls talked , one saying she was a pagan and atheist, we said she must have great faith, we encouraged them to consider Jesus rather than Humanism and Buddhism.

A young man from Turkey now living in London spoke and accepted “Which Way”.

We had so many other people who accepted leaflets and spoke. Keith used the Flippa Flappa with children and also used two cards asking them to guess which is the biggest – an optical illusion but a great opportunity to interact with people and share the Gospel.

We left thankful to the Lord that we had so many opportunities to share the way of salvation with people from all over the country.

Keith Dayman and John Heron.