Keswick Market - January 2014

Post date: Feb 02, 2014 12:34:34 AM

Ron Marsden and John Heron

Surprise surprise, we had rain all day at Keswick and some stall holders had decided not to attend.

We began our day at 8.30 a.m. after setting up the stall, we soon met those visiting Keswick. David had many questions, although he had attended different churches, he still had little understanding of the Gospel. We explained the need to receive Jesus into our lives by the Holy Spirit, also explaining the reality of Revelation ch.3.v.20 – Jesus knocking at the Heart’s Door. Please pray he will discover the truth of the Gospel as he considers what was said to him and as he reads the tracts we gave him.

Our next visitors were a Chinese couple who talked of Buddhism. John said he was surprised they had not discovered Jesus as there were so many Christians in their homeland. They listened as we shared the Gospel accepting tracts – 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian faith.

Betty with her husband David asked if she could have a Bible as her son had taken hers to read. Pray that this couple and their son will find Jesus as they read the Bible and the leaflet “Jesus an Introduction” and 10 Reasons to Believe in the Bible.

Ron encountered a gentleman who was very argumentative asking how the old world was and religion had caused so much trouble. Amazingly, a little later, John spoke to his Wife who took the tract about Families mentioning her husband was often confrontational. Do pray the Lord will break through into their lives.

Many other people spoke to us and accepted literature during the day. Our last visitors were Roan and Hannah who were students. Roan said he was agnostic, both listened with interest as we shared Biblical truths and the Gospel, the Bible being God’s Word to us.

Please keep praying for the witness at Keswick every Saturday.