Keswick Market - February 2019

Post date: Mar 09, 2019 12:43:12 PM

What a brilliant day on the market The weather was superb - warm and dry at the end of February half term week Many were having a last look round the shops before returning home; many others were in Keswick for just a day trip to enjoy the sunshine. The children (and some adults too) tried out the challenge of the guessing box. There were so many visitors to the stall. From the many we remember especially :-

a) one chap from the Isle of Wight

b) a family of two children and their mother and father who came from from Japan and who had been living in London while the husband had been seconded to the Bank of Japan there who found Keswick quiet by contrast with London and even quieter still than Tokyo.

c) A Traveller family whom we discovered were believers. The mother was delighted to receive literature to help her with her Sunday School work.

d) Tom talked with a lady who was a teacher in a Roman Catholic School who seemed very interested in the Gospel and promised to read the literature she received.

e) A young couple who were farmers from Scotland who listened intently while we explained the gospel.

This list is typical of the variety we meet at the market.

Please, once again, pray for all the people we met and the reading of the flipper flappers, the tracts and booklets will lead to the people putting their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.

Robert McGibbon and Tom O'Donnell.