Keswick Market - December 2017

Post date: Feb 16, 2018 10:26:43 AM

We were just a few days off Christmas so we expected a quiet day on Keswick Market!!! True some of the usual traders were missing, but there were still lots of visitors from all over the country; from Suffolk, Essex, Manchester, Newcastle, Doncaster, Glasgow, Inverness........ the list goes on and the people who come to the stall, vary as much as their home towns. We gave away 120 Calendars with texts which were gladly received. We also gave away booklets entitled, " Bethlehem Road," which were left over from the Carol Service from our Church at Maryport. We found that there were some 100 or so Christmas Tracts in the boxes left from the week before which we gave to people who called by.

The task as ever, entailed talking to people who stopped for a chat, some who wanted to witness to their own salvation and others who wanted to share their problems about their beliefs and others problems of 21st century living. One lady who claimed not to be very religious spoke of her distress in the recent death of her husband, yet she willingly took a tract. There were both young and old and a number who concerned us who said they believed yet never went to church.

Lots of children tried the guessing box and Tom demonstrated the flipper flappers. One lady who was an actress performing at the Theatre by the Lake, chatted for a long time. A pastors son with his mother, from South Yorkshire started by playing on the guessing box, but the young man soon demonstrated his in depth knowledge of the Bible. They went away with a flipper flapper and instructions how to use it to tell people about the Lord Jesus dying to save people from their sin.

There were so many contacts made, and we don't know the outcomes of the messages given, we just know we are a link in the chain of the Lords Servants who will be used to bring some to faith in him.

We can give thanks for the materials used and the servants who create and publish the calendars so that people will read the texts and be challenged throughout the year. Then there are the tracts and other literature which can lead to the joy of eternal life.

Dear fellow believer do you see the great opportunity for sharing the gospel there is on Keswick Market? How about calling by any Saturday and help out for an hour or even more, but above all please pray for us, either on your own or within your own church fellowship.

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon.